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Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the FSE Partner Membership?

FSE Partner Membership is an online education group focused on growing individual stylists and salon owners through live web classes and exclusive content. 


• Exclusive Invite Only LIVE Online Classes

• Secret Social Media Group Invites 

• Listing on a website Matt promotes on his youtube videos to bring talented stylists new clients

• UP to 20% off Discounts on our online store

• Special Hands On Class Pricing


Do you have to watch the videos LIVE or can you watch them anytime?

All videos will be available for replay to all current members anytime on the by clicking the PREVIOUS PARTNER CLASSES TAB page. 


Where do I watch the LIVE Classes?

Once You are a member You can see all LIVE Classes by clicking the UPCOMING LIVESTREAM Tab 


Can I participate in the class on my Mobile Phone?



When will I be put on the map?

Once you become a member we will email you a link to submit your information


Are there different rankings for stylists on the map?

As we launch the LIVE classes you will have the ability to submit your work via Instagram using #HAIRSALONLOCATOR and tagging @freesaloneducation

Soon we will have Levels based on what stylists complete which will make you a different color on the map and also you will receive certificates. 


Why should I join?

Everyday we get emails saying...

When are you doing a class in my area?

Can I come work with you guys?

How do you do that thing with your scissors?

I wish I could be a fly on the wall at your salon

And consumers are constantly emailing saying...

I wish you could do my hair 

I wish you weren't so far away

Do you know a stylist like you in my area?

How do I tell my stylist I want this haircut?

Will you travel to do my hair?

This is why we decided to create the FSE Partner Salon Program. We want to build a group of Stylists and Salons all over the world that we can refer new customers to while also building a stronger online education community. Not only will you get an online class every month, but you will also be added to our NEW Salon Locator that will be promoted in all upcoming YouTube videos. This will allow NEW customers to finally be able to find the great stylist they have be looking for... YOU!


All LIVE Online Class Dates are Pre-Scheduled and Could Include 

Hair Cutting

Hair Color

Mens Cutting

Blow Drying

How To Grow Your Clientele

Important Numbers To Track as a Stylist

How To Rebook

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