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Matt Beck Academy

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Welcome to the Matt Beck Academy - Your Path to Excellence Begins!

At the Matt Beck Academy (MBA), we're thrilled to welcome you to a world of limitless possibilities in the realm of haircutting, content creation, and social media strategy.

Unlock The MBA Experience:

MBA is not your typical online resource; it's a comprehensive toolkit for achieving excellence. Here's a glimpse of what awaits you:

🌟 Digital Cutting System Certification: Dive into our Certification Program, complete with video content, a PDF Terminology Book, and Certification Quizzes. These invaluable resources will sharpen your skills and ensure you fully grasp the terminology Matt uses to teach.

🌟 Engage with Matt: Connect with Matt Beck in our weekly interactive Q&A sessions. It's your chance to get answers to your burning questions and network with fellow members.

🌟 Live Zoom Classes: Immerse yourself in our live classes for a one-on-one learning experience. Check out our [Upcoming Class Schedule Here] to mark your calendar for exciting sessions.

🌟 Ongoing Support: MBA is your direct line to Matt and our dedicated team. Whenever you seek guidance or insights on any aspect of the hair industry, we're here as your personal salon coach.

Beyond Haircutting:

While haircutting is at the core of MBA, our platform extends far beyond it. Explore every facet of the industry, from content creation to social media strategy and salon business insights. Our mission is to support your success, not just behind the chair but in every aspect of your career.

Flexible Learning:

With MBA, learning adapts to your schedule. Access all previous classes upon registration and enjoy them at your convenience. We guarantee that class replays will be available within 24 hours after each session.

Your MBA journey is about to begin, and it's filled with opportunities for exploration, learning, and growth like never before. Your path to becoming a top-tier hairstylist starts here.

"This Academy is about much more than just haircutting! I'm here to share everything I've learned, from cutting hair and editing videos to social media strategy and salon business insights. My goal is to help you succeed not only behind the chair but also when you step away from it. Fun Fact, I'm still earning from haircuts I did 10 years ago! So, if you're into content creation or have ever considered it, and you're passionate about haircutting, enrolling in my Academy is a no-brainer."

-Matt Beck


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