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The Y.S. Park 150 Teasing Comb, designed specifically for backcombing and teasing, has three rows of teeth to take your hair to the next level! This tool is the first of its kind - unique in the beauty industry - and you won\'t find one like it anywhere else.

• 3 base heights and 3 teeth thicknesses, lengths, and spacing prevent tangling, damaging, or harming hair cuticle

• inner row of carbonium teeth provides stability and grip

• two outer rows of ultem plastic are flexible and gentle to scalp

• gradually-decreasing pitch facilitates even tension on the hair for evenly distributed shape and volume

• varying degrees of teeth, thicker on the outside and finer on the inside, for perfectly back-combed styles in no time

• strong, structured body made from ultem plastic is heat-resistant up to 220° C (428° F)

• tail of 4.75 inches is used for precise division and separation of hair sections

• handle acts as an extension of the stylist’s hand

• comfort grip handle is engineered with airholes for organic flexibility and control

• signature holes also act as measuring device – each hole is spaced in intervals of 0.5 cm

• scalloped handle allows for superior control, improving flexibility and reducing weight for the perfect hold and safe handling

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