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Meet Andrew, His journey from being a high school dropout to becoming a renowned hairstylist is a testament to his unwavering dedication and passion for the art of hair. Andrew's remarkable journey began when he took scissors to his own hair and began experimenting with his friends' hair, eventually leading him to pursue a formal education in cosmetology.

Beyond hairstyling, Andrew is a devoted family man and a loving father. This deep sense of family values and commitment to excellence extends to all aspects of his life, making him not only an exceptional stylist but also a remarkable human being.

Andrew uses our Precision Elite Scissor and the Dual20 Pro. These are the tools he trusts to deliver exceptional results in his work. If you're eager to explore these incredible scissors and the entire collection, don't miss out – hit the button below. Plus, here's a little extra for you: Use the code ADH at checkout to enjoy 20% off your entire order. Don't wait, elevate your hairstyling game with the tools that Andrew swears by!

I love your scissors. Still using them daily. I’ve recommended them to a dozen people already. Just wanted to reach out and tell you they’re awesome and I hope you sell a million of them


Andrew uses our 6.5 Inch Precision Elite Scissor and the 6 Inch Dual20 Pro. This is the ultimate setup for Short Hair Techniques including Point-Cutting, Texturizing, Blending, and Scissor Over Comb Work. If you're eager to explore these incredible scissors and the entire 2024 Collection. Tap the link