February 15, 2018 — Matt Beck


Theresa McDermott said:

Great cut.. Ty

Carol said:

This very fancy and unique Iron would make it so much easier to handle and to work on hair. The quality of this iron would be high above most.

Much easier on the arms, and better for the hair. Thank you for offering this Iron.

The video’s are so educational and really learn so much, and enjoy them all. Thank you!

Lynda said:

I’ve been a practicing hairdresser since 1990 I would love this iron,for the ease of use and the speed.

meire said:

i would love have a flatiron cause my just broke, lol
I love your videos, i learning so much with you. i working at salon that it’s slow time now, no much money going on, but i will buy a flat iron soon if you not give me it, anyway. i just love it, thank you and congras :)

mumsy said:

I like the iron because i have a salon which i can use it. Thanks for the video i did learn from it.

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