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Hybrid Elite Series

$ 262.50 $ 375.00

Introducing the HYBRID ELITE – a Dry Cutting Scissor that transcends the ordinary. This scissor is not just a tool; it's a dry cutting dream, engineered for professionals who seek the perfect balance between freedom and precision in every cut. Here's why the HYBRID ELITE deserves a prime spot in your toolkit:

The Freedom of Dry Cutting: The HYBRID ELITE by FSE Dry Haircutting Scissor is designed for the dry cutting connoisseur. Glide through dry hair with unparalleled ease, experiencing the freedom and smoothness of a hot knife through butter. It's not just a scissor; it's a testament to the artistry of dry cutting.

Precision at Your Fingertips: What sets the HYBRID ELITE apart is its unique hybrid blade. Not only does it effortlessly slide through dry hair, but it also boasts a precision tip. This feature allows you to detail and point cut to perfection, giving you the precision you crave in every cut.

Endorsed and Designed by Industry Expert Matt Beck: Hailed by industry expert Matt Beck, the HYBRID ELITE is a favorite for point cutting dry hair. The interior of the blade allows for a seamless glide through each section while still delivering a precise end result. It's not just a scissor; it's a tool that transforms your cutting experience.

Luxury Meets Power with ELITE Series: Part of the FSE ELITE Series, the HYBRID ELITE embodies luxury and power. Crafted with high-quality Japanese VG10 Steel, it guarantees a long-lasting sharp blade that stands up to the demands of professional dry cutting. The Elite Handle design ensures comfort in all hand positions, allowing you to craft the perfect haircut with ease.

Features that Define Excellence:

  • ELITE Series Custom Handle for ergonomic comfort.
  • Slide Cutting Hybrid Blade for seamless dry cutting.
  • Precision Ball-Bearing Screw for smooth and precise adjustments.
  • Made with Japanese VG-10 Steel for a sharp, durable blade that lasts.
  • Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee for confidence in your investment.

Elevate your dry cutting experience with the HYBRID ELITE


    salon pro reviews
    salon pro reviews
    "Love the DUAL20 PRO! Exactly what I was looking for. Love that they're reversible and they do not pull at all. Wonderful."
    — @alikanehair
    salon pro reviews
    "As somebody who owns a lot of different scissors, you will not find anything close to this quality for the price. Incredible value. Out of the box the tension on the Precision Elite was perfect. They are very sharp and the handle is noticeable well designed. Zero complaints."
    — @jonkerschner
    salon pro reviews
    "The Precision Elite and Dual20 Pro feel great so far. I've only done one cut with them but I'm impressed. They're batting above their league."
    — @andrewdoeshair