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TriRazor by FSE

$ 44.95

Meet your new Haircutting BFF, the TriRazor! This versatile tool is about to become your go-to for adding texture, depth, and dimension to your guests hair. Whether you want to create soft, flowing waves or edgy, textured layers, the TriRazor's got your back. It's creates modern looks with ease. Say hello to endless haircutting possibilities and goodbye to boring old techniques. Trust me, this is a game-changer you'll love!   


✂️ Versatile Styling: Achieve various hair textures and styles effortlessly.

💇‍♀️ Easy to Use: Say goodbye to complicated cutting techniques.

🌪️ Texture and Dimension: Add depth and character to your hair effortlessly.


The Razor Re-Imagined


How To Change Your TriRazor Blades

The video shows you how easy it is to change out fresh blades in your TriRazor.