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Precision Pro Series

$ 199.00

Introducing the PRECISION PRO – where quality meets affordability for Pro Stylists and Students alike. The FSE PRO Series brings you an exceptional scissor at an unbelievable price, without compromising on performance. Designed with the modern stylist in mind, the PRECISION PRO is your go-to for a sleek design and versatile cutting. Here's why it deserves a prime spot in your toolkit:

Quality Meets Affordability: The FSE PRO Series is tailor-made for Pro Stylists and Students seeking a quality scissor without breaking the bank. The PRECISION PRO is the epitome of affordability without compromising on the performance you demand in your cutting tools.

Ultimate Comfort and Versatility: The PRECISION PRO Handle is crafted for ultimate comfort and versatility, ensuring a seamless cutting experience at all angles. The short finger rest and flat screw contribute to its unique sleek design, making it not just a tool but an extension of your expertise.

Features for Precision Cutting:

  • PRO Series Custom Handle for ergonomic comfort.
  • Lightweight Design for effortless maneuverability.
  • Convex Edge for precision cutting, allowing for clean, precise lines with every stroke.
  • Precision Ball-Bearing Screw for smooth and precise adjustments.
  • Made With CN-VG10 Steel, ensuring durability and sharpness.
  • Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee for confidence in your investment.

Tailored Recommendations: Whether you're a seasoned Pro Stylist or a dedicated Student, the PRECISION PRO is available to meet your needs. Its design and features make it ideal for professionals and learners alike, providing the quality you expect at a price that fits your budget.

Elevate your cutting experience with the PRECISION PRO – where quality meets affordability, and every cut is a testament to your skill. Because in the hands of a professional or a student, a scissor isn't just a tool; it's an extension of your cutting prowess.





Designed with the modern stylist in mind, the PRECISION PRO is your go-to for a sleek design and versatile cutting. Here's why it deserves a prime spot in your toolkit: Watch this video and hear what Matt has to say about the Pro Series Line-up

salon pro reviews
salon pro reviews
"Love the DUAL20 PRO! Exactly what I was looking for. Love that they're reversible and they do not pull at all. Wonderful."
— @alikanehair
salon pro reviews
"As somebody who owns a lot of different scissors, you will not find anything close to this quality for the price. Incredible value. Out of the box the tension on the Precision Elite was perfect. They are very sharp and the handle is noticeable well designed. Zero complaints."
— @jonkerschner
salon pro reviews
"The Precision Elite and Dual20 Pro feel great so far. I've only done one cut with them but I'm impressed. They're batting above their league."
— @andrewdoeshair