Face-framing layers are a classic and versatile haircutting technique that can enhance one's facial features and add movement and dimension to the hair. To achieve the perfect face-framing layers Matt shows you his go to technique called Stroking to create a soft result with maximum layers and movement. 

To achive this look Matt uses the NEW The FSE Hybrid Elite Dry Cutting Scissor which is a game-changer for hairstylists. With its ergonomic design and sharp, high-quality unique Hybrid blades, it provides a combination of buttery smooth slide cutting with excellent control and precision within the tip. These scissors are specifically designed for dry cutting techniques. Dry cutting allows hairstylists to see the hair's natural texture and movement, enabling them to tailor the layers to the client's unique hair type and face shape.

The stroking technique, often used in dry cutting, involves an up and down movement while opening and closing the scissor blades along the hair strands in a stroking motion. This technique helps to create soft and seamless layers that blend effortlessly into the rest of the hair. By using the stroking technique with the FSE Hybrid Elite Dry Cutting Scissor, hairstylists can achieve precise and controlled layering while maintaining the hair's integrity and natural movement.

Face-framing layers are a versatile choice for clients of all ages and hair types. These layers can accentuate certain facial features, such as the cheekbones or jawline, and add softness and depth to the overall hairstyle. Whether someone wants to add volume to fine hair, remove bulk from thick hair, or simply refresh their look, face-framing layers can be customized to meet their individual needs.

When executed with expertise and the right tools, face-framing layers can transform a hairstyle, creating a flattering and dynamic look. The FSE Hybrid Elite Dry Cutting Scissor, paired with the stroking technique, allows hairstylists to achieve seamless and personalized face-framing layers that enhance their clients' natural beauty.

June 23, 2023 — matt beck

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