We're thrilled to bring you Episode 12 of the Splitting Hairs Podcast, presented by Free Salon Education and powered by our friends at Minerva Beauty. In this episode, we dive into some fascinating topics that are sure to intrigue and inspire you.

🎧 Episode Highlights:

  1. Exploring the Potential to Reverse Gray Hair

    • Ever wondered if it's possible to reverse gray hair? We discuss an intriguing article and ponder the implications for the industry. Would a world without gray mean a world with less hair color business? Join us as we explore the potential future of hair care.
  2. Sustainable Fashion from Human Hair

    • We're also talking about a groundbreaking initiative where human hair is being transformed into sustainable clothing. From environmental benefits to ethical concerns, we delve into what this could mean for the future of fashion and sustainability.
  3. A Personal Story: TSA and the Missing Dyson Tool

    • Hear a personal story about the challenges of traveling with high-end hair tools, including a surprising encounter with TSA over a Dyson Airwrap!
  4. Salon Equipment and Upgrades

    • As always, we share our experiences with Minerva Beauty's top-notch salon equipment. If you're looking to upgrade your salon or barbershop, check out their wide range of products that have supported our salon's needs for over a decade.
  5. Trivia and Fun Facts

    • Test your knowledge with our trivia about the history of hair highlights – you might be surprised by how far back this practice goes!

🎙️ Meet the Hosts:

  • Matt Beck: Dive into discussions with Matt as he shares his insights on these cutting-edge topics.
  • Brian Haire: Brian brings his humor and expertise, especially when it comes to the realities of gray hair coverage.
  • Karlie Warehime: Listen to Carly's perspective on client expectations and the evolving landscape of hair color.
  • Christina Cavalcanti: Christina adds her voice to the mix, sharing stories and opinions that resonate with every stylist.

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Thank you for tuning in, and we look forward to bringing you more engaging discussions and insights from the world of hair and beauty!

May 22, 2024

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