It's Matt Beck here, dropping some fresh tips from my latest YouTube tutorial. This one's all about the chin-length bob with a side part - yep, it's making a comeback in 2024, and you're gonna want to get this right.

Let's dive straight in. Start with a side part (left side's my go-to here). Make sure to section where your client wears it. Then, it's all about diagonal back partings. This keeps things neat and lets you handle different hair densities like a pro.

Cutting right at the jawline is where it's at for this look. Start from the front and work back - trust me, it makes life easier. The game changer? A horizontal blunt line. It’s classic and edgy, all in one.

Here's the real talk: keep your sections clean and not too thick. A bulky section can mess up your line, and nobody's got time for a do-over. Keep that guideline tight – about 75% of your new section should do it.

Efficiency is key, right? After getting that balanced cut, elevate the hair and use the Blend 20 Elite scissor for a bit of softness. We're not layering; just lightening it up a tad at the edges.

If the bob's feeling too heavy, use the Dual20 Pro Scissor subtly – start two inches up, then an inch, and a half-inch. This trick is golden for removing weight without losing your line.

Final touches? Precision Elite scissor for that crisp line on dry hair, then the Hybrid Elite for a tease cutting technique. This adds a subtle angle and keeps things looking sharp. And yeah, a shout-out to Dyson’s air wrap for nailing that fringe flip.

All the tools I mentioned? They're up for grabs right here at And keep an eye out for our new Pixel Elite scissor – it's a game changer and availbe for Pre-Order.

Hope these tips amp up your bob game. Would love to hear how it goes when you give it a shot. Remember, we're not just cutting hair, we're crafting confidence.

Thanks for the support,

January 19, 2024 — matt beck

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