Welcome back to our dedicated followers and hello to our new visitors! In our latest episode of the Splitting Hairs Free Salon Education Podcast, powered by our friends at Minerva Beauty, Meevo Salon Software, and, we brought a mix of practical salon insights, engaging discussions, and a dash of humor that only our hosts, Matt Beck, Christina Cavalcanti, Brian Haire, and Karlie Warehime can deliver.

Celebrating Salon Enhancements and Giveaways

This episode kicked off with an exciting announcement from Minerva Beauty. They’ve launched a $5,000 salon makeover giveaway—a fantastic opportunity for salon owners looking to revamp their workspace with high-quality furniture and equipment. If you’re interested in entering, make sure to follow the guidelines mentioned in the episode and you could be giving your salon a much-needed refresh!

In-Depth Discussions on Salon Maintenance and Client Experiences

We then shifted gears to a topic that resonates with every salon professional: the lifespan and maintenance of salon equipment. Our own experiences with well-loved but worn-out color carts sparked a broader discussion about the importance of refreshing your salon's look not just for aesthetics, but also to maintain a vibrant and inviting atmosphere for clients.

Sales Rep Visits: A Necessary Evil?

A substantial part of our conversation was dedicated to the frequent visits by sales reps to salons. While acknowledging the necessity of new products and innovations that sales reps bring, we expressed mixed feelings about the timing and approach of these visits. The consensus? A more tailored, less intrusive approach might be more effective and appreciated.

Listener Engagement and Future Topics

As always, we wrapped up with a call to our listeners to engage with us on topics they find most pressing. For our next episode, we’re planning to dive deep into customer reviews—specifically, handling negative feedback and its impact on business. We encourage our listeners to share their experiences and tips on this sensitive topic.

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May 03, 2024

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