Hey everyone! Welcome back to our blog, where we recap the highlights and key discussions from our latest podcast episode of Splitting Hairs. This week was particularly festive as we celebrated a very special occasion—Brian Haire’s birthday! Alongside the celebrations, we delved into some intriguing hair trends for 2024 and wrapped up with a lively Q&A session. Let’s break down the episode:
Birthday Celebrations and Palindrome Fun
In this episode, we kicked things off with a birthday celebration for one of our beloved hosts, Brian Haire. His excitement was palpable, especially after discovering his birthday this year falls on a palindrome date, 42024. It’s not every day you get to celebrate your birthday on such a unique date, and the energy was infectious!
Diving into Hair Trends with a Vogue Article
As we moved on from the birthday cheers, we turned our focus to the meat of our discussion—hair trends for 2024. Referencing a recent article from Vogue, we explored what’s expected to be hot this spring and beyond. From Beyoncé's iconic wig at the Grammys to vibrant color trends like Chantilly cream and red-hot hues, we dissected how these high-fashion trends translate into everyday requests in our salons. It was fascinating to compare the glamorous world of celebrity hair trends with the reality of client expectations and preferences.
Engaging Audience Q&A
One of the highlights of this episode was the interactive Q&A segment. We love engaging with our listeners and this session was particularly dynamic. From technical questions about gloss and glaze applications to broader inquiries about managing salon client expectations and social media tips for stylists, the discussion was both educational and enlightening.
Key Takeaways
The episode was not just a celebration of Brian but also an insightful look into how trends influence our professional lives. We discussed the importance of understanding and adapting high-fashion trends for everyday salon clients and how to maintain enthusiasm for our craft through continuous learning and interaction.
As always, we encourage our listeners to dive into the conversation. Whether you're new to the business or a seasoned pro, there’s always something new to learn and share. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts to never miss an episode!
Thank you for tuning in and reading our blog. We look forward to bringing you more exciting discussions, expert insights, and fun moments from the world of hair styling. Here's to more learning, styling, and celebrating together!
April 24, 2024

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