Welcome back to another episode of the Splitting Hairs Free Salon Education Podcast, where we delve into the intricacies of salon life, education, hair products, and everything in between. I'm your host, Matt Beck, joined by Christina Cavalcanti, Brian Haire, and Karlie Warehime. After a brief hiatus, we're excited to dive into today's juicy topics, including salon education trends, customer stories, and the indispensable tools of our trade.

First off, let’s reminisce about our trip a couple of years back, sponsored by our fantastic partner, Minerva Beauty. If you’re in the salon or barbershop business, Minerva is your go-to for top-notch equipment. Our visit to their massive warehouse in Athens, Georgia, showcased a vast array of salon equipment essentials. Their “buy more save more” promotions offer significant discounts, making high-quality equipment more accessible to everyone in the beauty industry.

Turning to the core of today’s discussion—salon education. The landscape of education within our industry is shifting dramatically. We've noticed a trend towards more digital offerings. While convenient, these don't always capture the hands-on experience many stylists thrive on. Brands like Joico are at the forefront, with easily accessible online education that includes both live and on-demand classes. However, despite the benefits of digital, the magic of live, interactive learning sessions is something many of us still deeply miss.

On a more personal note, we discussed handling salon mishaps and the importance of managing customer expectations. Every stylist encounters service mishaps, and the key to customer retention is not just skill but also the ability to handle feedback constructively. Admitting errors, offering corrections, and maintaining professionalism can transform a potentially negative experience into a positive, long-term client relationship.

We also touched on our personal must-have tools and products. For instance, I've been exploring the Zuvi Halo hair dryer, a novel device that uses LED light instead of conventional heat to dry hair, purportedly reducing damage and improving hair health. Innovations like these keep our industry exciting and forward-moving.

Lastly, we discussed the importance of quality tools while traveling. The consensus among us is clear: never trust hotel blow dryers! Investing in a good travel dryer can make a world of difference in maintaining hair quality and style on the go.

To wrap up, we want to hear from you—our listeners. What’s your take on the evolution of salon education? Have you had experiences with standout or subpar educational resources from hair product brands? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment on our podcast page or tagging us on social media.

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April 17, 2024


Tracy said:

First time listener! Great content ty’
I really miss the hair shows and do hope they bring them back! I have the professional Dyson dryer and love it! The one you showed looks interesting though and I look forward to hearing your review on it 😊

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