Hey there, salon pros! It’s Matt Beck here, co-founder of In our latest episode of the "Splitting Hairs" podcast, we had a blast discussing everything from unexpected musical tattoos to salon essentials with my team.

In this episode, powered by the amazing folks at Minerva Beauty, we dove into some pretty intriguing topics. First off, did you know that the Lady Gaga song "Hair" has a special place in our hearts? Yes, it's literally tattooed on Brian's arm, which led to a fun misunderstanding about new music releases.

We also ventured into the world of salon essentials, playing a game where we had to choose just five tools to use for the day. This sparked some great conversation and laughter, especially when considering the limitations this would impose on our color services.

Our discussions took a nostalgic turn as we recounted some of our most memorable, and sometimes panic-inducing, salon experiences. From color disasters to haircut mishaps, we shared how these challenges have shaped our expertise and resilience in the industry.

Moreover, we touched on the excitement and skepticism around new salon tools like the latest Dyson hair dryer, weighing its innovative features against practical utility in a professional setting.

The episode was not just about sharing stories and laughs; it also aimed to foster a deeper connection within our community. We encouraged listeners to engage with us, share their own experiences, and even contribute to upcoming discussions on salon brands and their offerings.

As we wrapped up, the episode reminded us of the camaraderie and shared experiences that bind the salon industry together. So, whether you're tuning in for some light-hearted banter, seeking professional insights, or looking to contribute your own experiences, "Splitting Hairs" is here to keep you company and informed.

Until next time, keep those scissors sharp and your passion for hair alive!

Matt Beck

March 27, 2024

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