February 13, 2017 — Matt Beck


Denise said:

I am a grown hairdressers kid (she’s Retired I’m FL) who has a messed up bob. It’s not bad / bad but not angled right. I have dog ears and the line is wrong. I have thick hair. I always say I’ll go out the door with no make/up and casual but my hair is going to be done. I’ve been watching Matt’s videos. In another life I was a stylist! Lol. Please help me. I moved from Florida to PA (my place of birth) last year and had to leave my stylist who I drove two hours to every 6 weeks after she left my town. I’ve had two stylists since here. I’ve given the latest 11 months and my color is blah and my bob just is not right – ok it sucks. Help! Can I make an appointment with Matt? He’s awesome. My mom used to teach hair at Votech in PA as well as own her salon. My hair is me and represents me more than anything. Can I schedule a consult? Thank you for the consideration.

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