Wanting to add more stacked volume and layers to your haircut? Texture and layers add volume to your haircuts, making more of an impact on body and shape. Check out this layered haircut guide for volume for more information... 

This video has a step-by-step breakdown giving you a great visual on how to add more volume to your layered haircuts. It's taken from the free salon education YouTube channel. This channel has a multitude of different haircutting guides, along with color, and hair industry how-tos. We believe education should be for everyone. So, give it a like and subscribe to keep updated and inspired, completely for free. 

Section the hair to cut in the volume 

The sectioning for this layered haircut is very simple, it is divided between top and bottom, front and back, and the cutting technique is condensed meaning its very fast and great for a busy stylist running a column in the salon. The bottom of the haircut will be dealt with later as Matt wants to work on cutting the layers in first... 

Work on the front of the hair cut first 

Sometimes when cutting hair, it really makes sense to layer the hair first, so think about the shortest point of your haircut. Matt then shows you how he combs the front section forwards and visualize where the haircut will swing. He point cuts this at his desired length. Then he fans out the ends of the hair and deep point cuts into them to help separate the ends. This is repeated on both sides for balance and shape in the haircut. 

Cool scissor tricks for cutting hair to add volume 

Working with the layers around the face Matt wants to scoop away some of the length. Matt shows a cool way to switch the scissor upside down, making it easier to use the mouth of the scissor to slice the hair away. Another tip is to use the Tri-razor. This razor is a great tool for cutting a textured look. It has 3 sides with different abilities. there's a cutting 100, texture 25 and texture 50 side. Giving the ability to swipe hair away weather your cutting length or adding texture. 

Work on your length of the layered haircut 

Take a look at your length at the back and visualize where you want the length and cut. Then work your way up to the crown to add layers. Pull the sections up top, point cut and feather into it. This gives a fullness up top, and everything occipital bone down is there. Giving the body volume and layers this haircut needs. 

Diffuse the hair for volume 

Matt talks about how he wants the hair to keep the wave. It's the perfect texture to add body, so we work with it. Matt diffuses the hair with a low airflow to stop the hair frizzing out. Take a look at the picture below for the final look. If you love this kind of content, check out Matts Tik-Tok, Patreon, YouTube and Instagram to help support free salon education on their mission of making education accessible for everyone. 

February 24, 2023 — Evelyn Davies

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