Today were blogging about an edgy hair up that gives a great twist on something different to excite guests. Read on for a written how-to and attached video to keep you learning. 

The faux Hawk is relatively easy quick and super fun to create once you know how to, when you combine knowledge with creativity it gives us that step up to being a better hairdresser. That’s why we created free salon education. Teaching with the purpose to bring education for self-motivated stylists all over the globe. We have a community and educational app FSEnow, along with our YouTube channel free salon education and the online with our tools and these written blogs to keep-up-to-date. 

The Faux Bun Hawk is super simple to create 

Danielle explains that all you need for this look is a pomade and a ponytail holder – nice and simple. 

This look can be achieved on many hair textures as well as textured and afro hair types! Great for salon diversity. Danielle is working with a textured hair type. So, she specifically selects a cocktail of products to use that will benefit this look. Daniele explains she is using Paul Mitchells: 

  • Awapuhi moisture mist – for rehydration reactivation and it’s a great makeup setter. 
  • Leave in treatment – A new product from the clean beauty line. 
  • Relaxing balm – For humidity resistance, and good for enhancing or relaxing texture. 
  • Super Skinny Smoothing Serum - For soft smoothing effects. 

    Layer hair products. 

    Danielle expresses there is no particular order she works with these but she likes to have a reason for starting and ending with a product. 

    Remember the Faux Hawk look has the attention focused on the edges so we want to get these sitting right. Danielle gives the hair a dry with the products in using her fingers and a dryer. No brushes with some natural texture in there. This texture is nice because it's great for density and padding which we create later on as our base. 


    Section off the faux hawk look 

    We're going to work with 3 sections, creating a crest down the middle of the head. 

    First, we part. There is no exact right or wrong to this but Danielle likes to use the ears as a reference point for her look. Feel free to use your own interpretation of where you want your sections to go. She's creating diagonal parts working from ear to ear. Danielle temporarily secures the three sections in clips ready to band up. 

    This look is temporary 

    Danielle explains this look is to be worn for a few days' maximum. This is because it can create too much tension on the hair. 

    Traction alopecia is a risk when we play with wearing our hair really tight. For those of you unfamiliar it is a result we can get from not being aware of the dangers. Too much tension on the scalp/follicles can pull hair out and damage these areas to give thinning/balding. Depending how this look is tied up, it can be kept in for a few days' maximum, by using a scarf or bonnet at bed time. 

    Once you have your sections, slick those edges and brush in place. 

    Danielle's chosen pomade is Paul Mitchells MVRCK original pomade. It helps smooth edges and keep the look slick and in place. 

    Danielle wants to see a bit of texture, so she doesn’t pull it all completely straight. Danielle grabs a boar bristle brush. This is great for moving the product around and it is softer on the hair strands. She uses a large band to create ''give in the pony tails'' and looser tension. For the final ponytail up, top Danielle uses her tail comb to pull out a little softer texture near the face. 

    Bundle those ponytails 

    Danielle brushes through the pony tails and creates 3 little buns. These are going to act as a padding to pin in and around. 

    Danielle demonstrates the way to utilize pins by opening or keeping them closed. She is going to be using a synthetic hair called Kanekalan hair. This can be used straight out the pack for a full high drama look. Danielle decides to use the elastic the hair comes with to keep it in place and tie around the buns. 

    You can achieve different looks with Kanekalan hair. 

    The hair comes in many different textures, some afro, so you can get real creative with this stuff. 

    Danielle wants to demonstrate different techniques she uses for different effects in the hair. So, on her bottom bun she has braided the hair. She attaches the hair with the band and then wraps and pins the hair around for a textured look. With the other two buns she uses a rope twist technique and a large amount of hair on the bun up top. 

    Wrap and pin 

    Danielle shows that you can wrap and pin the hair with technique too. Molding the hair around the buns. 

    Once you get to the ends of the synthetic hair, twist the ends tight and pin in place to hide the ends. You can also cut hair away if you desire. With this synthetic hair type, you can't use heated tools. This is because it will melt. Often, hot water is used for setting this hair. 

    Finishing up the faux hawk 

    Danielle decides to finish up with a little hair jewelry. 

    Using accessories can really show off the texture and add a different feel to the hair. Danielle uses cuffs and charms but you could get creative with flowers, glitter or chains. Get creative and tag us in your work! We would love to see the end results. 

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