Hey Salon Pros,

It's Matt Beck here, and I've just dropped a new video that's all about mastering clean, tight sections and achieving the perfect balance or round shape in your haircuts. Whether you're working with long layers or diving into detailed razor work, this tutorial has got you covered.

I break down the process of creating three distinct sections for a haircut, highlighting the importance of separating the back from the front to ensure even density and a flawless finish. Learn how to cut a balanced shape by bringing every section straight out to the comb, or opt for round layering to suit your client's density and desired style.

This video isn't just about cuts; it's about understanding the structural decisions that make or break a style. From deciding on the layering in the back to adjusting for side partings, I've shared insights that will refine your approach and elevate your craft.

And here's a kicker – I introduce the EVO Razor, crafted to fit perfectly in your hand, enabling precision and control as you soften the front of the hair or add those critical air pieces for a lighter, more dynamic look.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills and bring fresh techniques to your clients. Watch the video, get inspired, and let's push the boundaries of what we can achieve behind the chair.

Happy Cutting, Matt Beck

March 06, 2024 — matt beck


Cynthia Scatchell said:

Great cut my name is Cynthia and I watch your videos often, HOW could I get 7 hrs education Thursday u

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