March 06, 2018 — Matt Beck


nina said:

love this style-bold a.nd wavy

Karen said:

Great cut. I am going to have to practice this as this is another type of cut I am struggling with.

marilyn miller said:

Loved this simple and gorgeous!

Linda said:

I struggle with those super thick-haired women that want that separated piece-y layered bob. I freaking leave a heavy nightmare shelf EVERYYME. the bottom perimeter is too thick. I feel like such a hack. I am about to give up and just quit. I even tried that disconnected cut that that funny guy taught, and I messed that up too. GAH! I wen to a good school, and when I try it on mannequins it looks OK. Then I get a client that has thick hair and 3 tiers of choppy layers and expects me to blend it. They all end up looking a bit like the Jennifer Anniston look (not that I am mad at that. It’s just not what they wanted).

DeeAnn said:

Occipital not occupants 😶

DeeAnn said:

I’m wondering how to cut hair that’s thick as hell, with a different texture (tight curls) just in the back above occupants to right below crown. I get a shelf every time

Lisa C Rios said:

I’ve been wanting that iron since I first saw you use it! Doing hair 33÷ years and still going strong staying up with education, which is key to success and feeding passion of creativity in this career!!

Maryjo Patty said:

Omg I need this iron in my life I’m a new stylist in a small town looking to make my mark this Video really fought me more about layers then school did I can’t wait to use this on my clients

Dallas said:

I also have very think hair and got my hair cut the same way as in this video. It was completely wrong for me ! With the hair layers in front long and the hair inside by my ears shorter, my already thick hair puffed out even more ! It was the opposite of what was right for my thick hair. I needed more weight and length inside and the shorter layers around the perimeter.

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