This hair cut is super versatile, salon wearable and can work on thick medium and fine hair types. Making it a great on trend look it has a feminine edge to a short haircut and we think you will love it! 

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Section the hair 

Section off the hair cut by creating a middle part from the crown. Then go in at the fringe area and create two triangular sections. Then from the crown draw a line to the recession point. Repeat on the opposite side. This creates another two larger triangle sections surrounding you fringe sectioning. 

section the hair cut

Start cutting hair 

Once the top is sectioned away, Matt collects one side of the large bottom section in his comb. He then grabs his clippers and swipes the hair away. When the comb is placed in the hair, Matt likes to scoop it up with a bit of elevation, protecting some of the length at the bottom edges. 

clipper the hair

Short speedy hair cutting 

He continuously works with diagonal forward parts and takes the hair off working into the back. This gives a closed feel to the haircut. This then is mimicked on the opposite side, checking for balance as we go. Working with clippers this way is great for speedy haircuts. Then we blow dry the under section, and neaten up edges. 

Razor cutting short hair 

We're using the TriRazor to cut the sections up top. The TriRazor is a 3-sided cutting razor. This was created with a 100%, 50% and 25% cutting edge. Meaning you have a versatile multi-tool for your kit bag. First release the larger sections.  

Condensed cutting  

We're practicing condensed cutting and working with the TriRazor speeds up the process. Comb all the hair back to one point and hold it in between your fingers just below where you want to cut in your line. Then with your 50% cutting edge nibble away at the length to create a diffused line. Once cut, were moving on to our fringe area. 

Fringe cutting body position   

Now working up front, we change our body positioning to be standing in front of our guest. We comb the two triangular sections together and pull the hair together at the desired length. The length Matt goes for is in-between the lips and the nose.  

Cut the fringe 

He removes the hair with the 50% cutting edge. Then he removes the corners of this section with the 100% cutting edge. This connects the front of the hair to both sides, making the haircut flexible to be styled either way. 

Blow dry the hair cut 

Matt uses Paul Mitchell invisible wear. He chooses this product because its lightweight, with control and gives a good polished look. He works the blow dry with a round brush bending the hair away from the face. This gives volume up front and shine. 

Personalize the hair cut 

Grab the TriRazor and use the 100% cutting side. Slip away pieces of hair creating a negative space in the texture. This helps and definition and lightweight lift in the haircut. Matt also mentions the color he uses is rose gold flash finish from Paul Mitchell. It gives a beautiful dusky pink look. 

Finish the look 

Grab a dry hairspray and spray for an airy light finish, Matt loves a dry spray on medium to fine hair. Check out the image below for our final look. If you're interested in keeping up with fore free education we offer, check out our FSEnow app we have a whole bunch of fresh ideas, content and a hairdressing community for you to get involved in. Free of algorithms, lets share and grow as stylists! 


December 29, 2021 — Evelyn Davies

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