Are you wondering why your pixie cuts don't sit right on your face?



This happens a lot when you are using the wrong hair products, or wearing a style that doesn’t suit your facial features. 

Just like how clothes compliment a body outline, your haircut should complement your hair type and facial features.


If you're looking for a new stylish haircut that will get heads turning to your angle, then you should consider a pixie cut. Don't worry about looking for excuses to fight this. I understand that you are probably tired from trying many hairstyles and worried sick that this might be like the others. But not to worry, pixie hairstyles work on every face shape.


The peachy thing about pixie hairstyles is that they are never out of vogue! They are very expressive, accentuating your facial features and spelling out every detail, even the ones you may not have noticed before.


Here, we will walk you through a list of stylish pixie haircuts that you can choose from and the best hair maintenance products for you. From long pixie cut with textured fringes to pixie cut with long bangs to stacked pixie bangs. 


What To Consider Before Going for any Pixie Haircut


Choosing the right pixie hairstyle that suits your face shape makes you stand out in the crowd. You should know if you can maintain the pixie style before you go for it and see how well it fits your facial lines and shapes. For every facial feature, there is a perfect pixie style to flatter it. One way to know your perfect pixie is by looking up pixie hairstyles from magazines, blogs and how well it matches the wearer's face. Best still, you should seek the advice of a professional stylist.


Trendy Pixie Cuts for Oval Faces


Oval faces blend with any pixie style, even extremely short pixies. Safe to say that oval faces are ideal for modeling pixie cuts. If you fall into this category, you can choose your style based on the facial features you want to draw attention to.

Some of the styles include:


    Highlighted pixie cut


A section of this style is longer and is swept to one angle of the face, making your eyes stand out prominently. It looks like a combo of a bob and a short pixie.


       Natalie Vorobieva wearing a highlighted pixie cut 




    Asymmetrical pixie cut

Compared to the highlighted pixie cut, the asymmetrical pixie cut has a larger volume of hair to the back, which balances the face's length. It also has long bangs falling over the forehead.


           Madeleine Schoen asymmetrical pixie style


Trendy Pixies for Round Faces


The ideal pixie haircuts for persons with round faces go below their chins, creating an elongating effect. These styles make the face slimmer. They include:


    Pixie with long bangs

Long bangs styled to one side of the face make the face appear less round. Pixie with long bangs is elegant, especially when complemented with a fancy hair band.



        Ilia Nikco rocks a pixie with long bangs 



Stylish Pixie Cuts for Square Faces


Pixie cuts for square faces are not to spell out any face line. Overall, wispy bangs with thin layers are a great option for a square face.  


    Stacked pixie with bangs

Stacked Pixie with bangs adds more texture and volume to the face without making the face line stand out prominently.



               An ideal cut for square faces. Worn by: Kurze Frisur


Great Pixie Style Products


Paul Mitchell

Soft Style Fast Form

Usage: It has a soft hold on the hair and helps to retain hair moisture.

Paul Mitchell

MVRCK Dry Paste


This dry paste is ideal for every hair type and is effective in working the hair ends. Also, it gives the hair a gritty texture that is flake-free.



Paul Mitchell

Flexible Style

Spray Wax

Usage: It provides the hair with frizz control and gives it a satin finish.





How To Maintain Pixie Haircut


You don't have to break a sweat to maintain pixie hairstyles since they are short and tapered to the neck. All you need to do is routine hair trimming at an interval of four to six weeks. This trimming leaves the hair with a dramatic effect.


You must note that, although pixies' maintenance might appear too easy, you should avoid doing it yourself. You may end up cutting the wrong strands of hair or, worse still, messing up your look.



Where Can I Find A Professional Stylist?


The thought of finding an expert stylist can be daunting, especially because of many self-acclaimed stylists on the loose. However, you can find certified and skilled stylists at stylist locator. All you need to do is sign in into the website and make contact with a stylist from its pool of experts. These stylists have a keen eye for detail and are professional and well-versed in hair care and styling. Over time, they have set the trend with their customers' styles and boost their customers' confidence.

February 20, 2021 — matt beck


Donna said:

Can you please recommend a stylist/salon in or nearest to Norman Oklahoma or Okc, Ok. I have been to Audace, Shaggys, scissortale, Jessica clone salon, the red velvet salon and many more and no one knew how to cut a pixie literally, I wish I lived near y’all so you could do my hair I am so depressed. I hope you can find me a good stylist/ salon and colorist. Thank you so much!!!

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