When did reaching goals become not enough?
A few times this week I was asked the question of How can I reward my staff for reaching their goals? When I hear this question it just goes to show that we are not educating our stylists in the right way. Reaching your goals is already a REWARD. Why do you set goals? Think about that for a second... A goal to me is giving me something to reach for in the future that when accomplished will make me better than I was. Let's say your goal is to better your frequency of visit from 6 Visits Per Year to 8 Visits Per Year in 2016. If you have a $70 average ticket with 70 clients and hit your 2016 goal that means you have increased your income by at least 32% (or at least $300 per month extra money in your paycheck) this to me is a HUGE reward. That could be a car payment just for getting your guests to come in sooner. This should be the incentive/reward for everyone to hit their goals. Being a hairstylist or small business owner is a long term career that takes dedication and drive. Nothing comes fast so set goals, work hard, be patient, and in the end it will pay off. Most importantly remember the REWARD for meeting your goals is already there.@speakmillennium @demandforce#FreeSalonEducation #businessmotivation#motivation #salonlife

November 21, 2015 — Matt Beck

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