How can you make yourself stand out? Today I walked up to a cooler filled with bottled water and saw this BOX of water sitting on the shelf so I bought it. This got me thinking of the two questions I'm asked the most... How do I get new clients? Or how do I make myself stand out? To find this answer you have to access what you do which in this case this company makes water just like every other H2o company. Is their water better? Maybe, but probably not. So for someone to start a water company there has to be a reason other than good water. What makes your company different? YOU do haircuts and colors just like everyone else that works in a salon. It's important to realize that YES you are in the business of doing great hair or whatever it is you do, but you are also in the relationship business. The reason your customer/guest is going to comeback to you is because they like YOU, Your Salon, Your Company, and their experience. The reason they are going to refer their friends is because you consistently provide a great experience and they want to share that with their friends. Your business just like this bottle of water needs to have a story. This company doesn't just make bottled water. Their way to catch your eye is through putting the water in a carton and then beyond that they make disposing of their product better for the environment. This is why they will have repeat customers because people can connect to their story. Building your business or brand is really easy when you start focusing more on the things that make you different and less on what make you the same. 


Ginger Rivera said:

Wow, What a great point! Thank you for posting this. I’m going to start thinking outside the bottle!

Audrey Napier said:

Love the website, love the products. Very straightforward and it’s good that you can take a closer look at the product. The colours are great as their easy on the eye. Your eyes can focus on one thing at a time without wandering. When I went into read the blogs, I tried to make them “stand out” so I could read them but couldn’t extend the screen in any way as you can do with the products. Maybe it’s just not been done yet. Just thought I’d let you know as it helps when typing a message also. That’s all 4now folks. Hope this helps. X?

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