Posted on December 15 2015

      How can you make yourself stand out? Today I walked up to a cooler filled with bottled water and saw this BOX of water sitting on the shelf so...

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  • STOP Living In Fear

    Posted on October 22 2015

    Why did you become a salon owner? If you're like the majority of stylists it is because you hated the way your boss was doing things and thought you could...

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  • What Makes Your Salon Special?

    Posted on October 22 2015

    How does your salon stand out from all the other salons in your area? Most stylists spend their whole career trying to become the best hair stylists they can be,...

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  • Take Inspiration From Everywhere

    Posted on October 22 2015

    Take INSPIRATION From EVERYWHERE! Grow your salon without spending money. The point of this video is to show you that marketing inspiration is all around us for FREE. You don't...

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