Why did you become a salon owner? If you're like the majority of stylists it is because you hated the way your boss was doing things and thought you could do it better. This is why the beauty industry can be a REALLY HARD business. The biggest reason being we are not prepared for what being a business owner is and if your not prepared for it you will end up like the 90% of salons that go out of business within their first 10 years. Here are the top 5 things that have grown our salon to be a successful thriving business.

1. The MOST important thing in running a successful business is not to be afraid to FIRE people. Even if they are your top producer. If your gut is telling you they should not be in your business then THEY SHOULDN'T. You should be happy and proud when you walk in your business. Don't live in fear that your business will fail because you FIRE someone I promise you it will bring a whole new life to your business. 

2. People want to be rewarded for the work they put in. That doesn't always mean money. A lot of people are driven by different things. Sometimes a good High five will do the trick or sharing one of their images on the salon Instagram, and some people just want to make cash. It doesn't matter just Figure out what drives them.

3. Give your team incentives to grow within your company. In order for someone to dedicate themselves to you or your company they need to see that there is a plan for them as the business grows. 

4.  The key to having a successful salon is having happy employees that work together. Lay down expectations from the beginning and reward your team when you see them helping each other. For instance start with acknowledging it in front of everyone or buy them lunch that day. Something that tells them you appreciate them. 

5. NO ONE will love your business as much as you so don't expect them to. No one will work as hard as you so don't expect them to. If there are things you don't know how to do then you have to learn. If there are things you don't want to do YOU have to. Don't put it on somebody else. Master each aspect of the business and then teach your stylists what you know and they will respect you more. Show them it's what's best for the business and not just busy work. Keep it fun!

To sum it all up. Attitude Reflects Leadership. If you treat your team like they are beneath you then they will act that way. If you don't work hard then they won't work hard. If you don't treat every guest like they are your own then they won't. At the end of the day your business reflects the person you are. What do you want your business to be? 


shahida Jefferson said:

I want my salon to be known as a professional friendly environment. I want it to be known as a learning environment.

Victor Paul said:

Hope is not a strategy

Christine sillars said:

Thanks for the class in grandrapids

Hope Mcgettigan said:

This is so true, we are the proffessionals and we need stylist with passion and love, Always appreciate your stylist give them support and thank them for all that they do, stay updated on your craft and charge what your worth and keep educating yourself and your clients and your salon will grow together, team work makes the dream work.

Debra stensrud said:

SO VERY TRUE!!! I opened my first salon at 19 years old then my next one a few years later. A total of 12 years as an owner and busy stylist. I loved it and my staff. I sold it to be married and move out of state but I too applied these tips along with keeping a clean updated salon and treating everyone like it was their first time in my chair yet making everyone feel special and like family. It’s the derailed attention to even little things.
Thank you for this excellent site and info.

Roxanne said:

Awesome topic!

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