How does your salon stand out from all the other salons in your area? Most stylists spend their whole career trying to become the best hair stylists they can be, but what does that really mean? Does it mean that you do the best haircut, color, and style? I used to think so but not anymore. As a salon owner I have seen GREAT hairstylists and I have seen NOT so great ones and to be perfectly honest the really bad ones weren’t always bad at doing hair. We live in a time now where people are looking for value for their money. What does value mean? Value is the estimated monetary worth of something and that something being YOUR salon. We are in the service business and that means that people are looking for great service and everything else is a bonus (including their haircut and color). I’m not saying you don’t have to cut or color hair well, but without great service the cut and color don’t matter. What Makes Your Salon Different? Post in the comments below. Thanks everyone!@speakmillennium @demandforce#themattbeckshow #Freesaloneducation#businesstips #motivation


Nathan H. said:

I’d say that what sets our salon apart from others would be staying consistent during client services; that as stylists we are going the extra mile to make sure our clients are pleased. Each client should receive the same amount of attention during a haircut & style, color service, or something as basic as a shampoo (who doesn’t love a GREAT shampoo). That’s what it’s all about, giving 110% and then some. There is nothing better than knowing your clients are completely satisfied and ready to give you a great referral.

Graziela Ribeiro said:

I´m gonna share one of the most important things I´ve been doing: I really care if the client has been able to style their own hair at home. I really care if the client is happy with the hair after a few days. I look forward this feedback, with each one of my clients, and if for some reason they are not happy enough, I invite them to comeback with no charge. I dont look for excuses or try to blame the client. I want them happy and that´s the only thing that matters to me. The hair is not on my head right?

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