Box bobs are so cool right now and we love that bold one length bob look, worn smooth or textured it's a real statement haircut, proving simplicity is as beautiful as complex haircuts. Check out the how-to haircut guide below. 

This blog is a step by step, breaking down the stages of creating that box bob look. If you want a little knowledge or maybe some new inspiration, you've landed in the right place. Perfect to teach back in the salon, very wearable for guests or a good simple guide for a hair beginner, this haircut has it all. The video below was taken from Matts YouTube channel so like and subscribe to keep up with the regular content posted online. 

Section the box bob haircut 

Sectioning in the hair is taken by splitting the densities in the front and back. The back section is much larger than the sides, and the back is split into two down the middle. Then the sectioning is taken horizontally across so the hair can be cut. This simple method will be repeated up the head. Utilizing the same method of hair cutting for consistency.  

Keep the box bob cutting techniques simple 

It's a simple technique, Matt doesn't want to over complicate this classic. He takes the head and it's in a neutral, balanced, non-tilted position. He wants to look at the hair in a natural position and visualize where his bob line will sit. Once he's ready Matt begins cutting. Using the wider toothed end of his comb, he holds the hair in place with zero elevation against the neck and starts cutting in the middle. 

wide toothed comb for cutting bobs

Be methodical when cutting a box bob 

Work your way up systematically following the guideline. Once the back is complete, Matt moves on to the sides, following the same cutting technique. Then repeats the process on the opposite side until all the hair is cut. You won't be able to tell if the hair is perfectly one length until its styled but look out for balance in the shape. 

simple one length bob hairut guide

cutting sides box bob

Dry and style the box bob 

Then style the hair. Grab your blow-dryer and irons. For a classic box bob, straight really gives it a statement. Matt flat wraps the hair smooth to get the hair shiny and dry, he then goes in with his straightening iron and polishes the hair perfectly smooth. Now it's dry he has noticed an overhang, which is caused by over-direction, so he goes in and sharpens off the look. 

Check out the finished box bob look 

This is the final look! Hope you like it. If you do, maybe you would like to check out more of Matts educational channels, Tik-Tok, Instagram, or Patreon for the early release of content. Not only that, if you're interested in more education, Matt has a cutting system on his shop. With in-depth education, terminology, techniques, 8 step by step cuts, a certificate and head training sheets for you to get into. Thanks for reading, happy cutting. 

free salon education box bob


February 06, 2023 — Evelyn Davies


Emy said:

I love this haircut style, I used to wear it but now I have a little layer on the bottom to style it, but love the way it’s easy to style, I’ve watched this video over and over and some other videos Matt posted ♥️♥️♥️ thank you for educating us and everyday is new to me 😊 I’m not professional but I cut my own hair and my family and friends for free! No they don’t sue me yet 😂

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