Today we have a short but sweet video to show you a technique utilizing your clippers while cutting long hair. 

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Section the hair 

Matt sections the hair into four quadrants, this keeps the back separated from the front and gives a methodical approach to cutting. 

Section down the middle part front to back so we have two halves. Then across the head, ear to ear over the apex (high point of the head). Then clip away 3 of the sections and leave out one of the front sections to begin to work on. 

Matt starts cutting the right side. 

Using clippers to cut long hair can be scary but it's also super quick! It could help in them situations where a guest turns up late or your short on time. 

He pulls out the full quadrant and over directs the hair forward. Then, working from the underneath, Matt uses the clippers to create face-framing layers around the face. He cuts with a back-and-forth motion, keeping the lines in the hair diffused and soft. This creates shape in the hair but keeps it gentle. 

Then cut the opposite side. 

We want to create symmetry in the hair cut so we need to mimic the line we created around the face on the opposite side. 

However, Matt works in a different manner to the original section. Instead of working form the underneath cutting long to short, he works from above with the clippers, cutting short to long and creating balance in the look. We are still working in the back-and-forth motion for softer lines. 

TIP- Matt shakes the hair out. Playing around can help visualize the way the hair will look. Shake the hair out to see how the layers fall. 

Then work on the length of the haircut 

Matt releases the back sections and combs them down at zero elevation. We need this to be neat if we want to create a definite line. 

Once the hair is sitting right, Matt goes in with his clipper in the middle back and nibbles away at the length to create a sharp line. He then follows the line around the head, creating an angled look from short in the back and longer around the face. He keeps this line blunt and heavy for a statement look. 

Style the hair 

Matt then styles the hair to suit the haircut. We're working with a smooth volume, and we want to see the cut expanded. 

He works on the layered areas to get them to pop. He uses straightening irons and creates a bevel in the hair on the ends. He then rolls the hair up in larger sections and clips them up to set in the loops. This will be left until its cooled. This technique sets volume in the style and helps it last longer. Here's the finished look. 

Paul Mitchell the demi. 

Then matt announces there is opportunity to influence the shade Paul Mitchell chooses to release! 

To enter the competition, The links are under matts YouTube video so you can check-it-out. You have the opportunity to vote and be part of something new. Why not choose something you want to play with? 

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