Today were talking volume and blow-dry. Wanna scratch up on your round brush technique? Or you need guidance on getting extra volume from blow-drying? Well, read on and check out the video... 

Firstly, we just wanna hit on using your paddle brush, this detangles the hair in preparation for the blow-dry. If you look at the teeth of a paddle brush vertically or horizontally, vertically has spaces between teeth, horizontally doesn't. This means brushing vertically you can get a detangle effect. Horizontally you can get a smoothing tension. Bare this in mind when using a paddle to create different looks. Work the ends up for less snagging when detangling long hair. 

Products for extra volume. 

We got a couple of cocktailing tips with the hair products. We're thinking about the look we want as an outcome and the hair type too. 

We're using sculpting foam and thicken up from Paul Mitchell. Sculpting foam has a whippy light hold, it creates bulk and hold but also has a conditioner in the mix which is great on tangly long hair blow-dry. Thicken up is to help swell the hair giving the appearance of fuller hair. Mix the two and distribute EVENLY through mid-lengths to ends. Brush it through the hair and then go in with more thicken up and less sculpting foam cocktail on the roots. This is great for thinner density hair. 

Section off the hair for the extra volume blowout. 

Sectioning the hair ensures control, organization to the work and maps out the end result, so think about the way you need the hair to fall. 

Matt sections off a classic triangular fringe section in the front, this starts at the top and meets the hairline. This is then clipped away for later. Then matt creates a ''U'' shape around the head, starting from the corners of the fringe section, and around and under the crown area. This is clipped away for later and the remaining length is left down to work on. 

Let's talk about volume blow dry technique 

There's a lot of method to achieving volume on your blowout – So practice, persist and you will get there eventually. 

Matt personally likes to hold the nozzle of the dryer rather than a handle. This gives him more control. He then likes to work blowing at the hair on the brash at a 45° angle. The air needs to flow around the brush. If we blow at a 90° angle, we can blast hair everywhere creating frizz and potentially damaging the hair cuticle. We need flat cuticles to reflect light create shine and protect the hair.  

Your blow dry tools can help with time and volume. 

The Ergo round brush matt blow-dries with is perfect for long blowouts. The barrel is longer than the average salon round brush. 

This gives us the ability to control longer hair. The bristles have a negative charge so it lays the cuticles flatter and speeds the blow dry time. Section size of the hair should be no bigger than the brush. The section sizes matt takes are half the size of his brush. This is for control. For extra volume matt pulls the hair upwards if he wants to create extra lift. 

Let the sections cool. 

Matt talks about how the hair is still setting when its cooling. You can use a round brush in a few different ways. 

Matt releases the hair and rolls it into loops that he clips on base of the section. This is to set the volume. Hair can shrink and go flat during the cooling stage, so this ensures that extra security of volume at the roots. Another technique is to leave the brush rolled in at the roots, or later in the video, matt shows us how to loop the brush off the hair to keep a bendy twist that helps set volume. 


TIP- High heat on medium airflow is the best to shape the hair and keep it controlled. Also, the cool shot button can be used at the end of each roll to help cool and set the hair too. And, once you think the hair is dry, just go a little bit longer, just to flatten them cuticles. 

Blow-dry the top. 

Release the top ''U'' section to dry in extra volume. Then separate into four quadrants. Matt brushes these sections to save time fighting with the hair and moves the wet hair away from the dry hair. 

Matt starts on one of the back corners. He is working the hair vertically up and off base to create extra volume. He then rolls the section back up and clips in a loop on base. The sections on top he blow-dries in the same manner accept he rolls and clips the opposite direction. This is to avoid a helmet look. 


Blow dry volume in the fringe section. 

To blow dry the fringe section, Matt splits the triangular section in two, and round brush blow-dries the hair forwards. 

Once he has completed a full head blow-dry and it has cooled, Matt tilts the clients head forwards and shakes the hair out. He lifts areas and sprays in a little hold me tight. Then he demonstrates on the mannequin that he gets his client to flip the hair back, he pushed the hair forwards in position and uses extra body finishing spry to finalize the look. 


July 28, 2021 — evelyn davies

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