Live Haircut tutorials are a weekly thing here on our YouTube channel freesaloneducation. 

Here we get interactive with our watchers, they can ask questions on lives and really get an in-depth education on the haircut we create. This short haircut is super salon wearable, versatile and a great all-rounder to boost your confidence on short hair cutting. So, check us out, get involved, subscribe or download the FSEnow app for the cool network of our hairdressing community! 

First, we section the haircut 

Sectioning in advance gives us the ability to organize and map out our look! Plus, good clean sectioning = good clean haircuts. 

We section across the parietal ridge, take a horizontal straight up and over, and mimic our first section by doing the same on the opposite side. Later in the video matt decides to take a small triangular section over the crown area. This is to protect the length at the back whilst using clippers to cut. 

Cut hair with clipper over comb 

Clipper over comb is a time saver in the salon environment, we have clients to get done, so this is perfect for a more natural clipper effect. 

Work horizontally on one side with your wide-tooth clippering comb. Matt lifts the hair from the underneath and remove weight by siding the clipper along the comb. The initial cutting just removes the length and then we begin to shape. Matt likes to leave a little graduation towards the top of theses sections. It gives a smoother transition from short-to-long. 

Benefits of clipper over comb - 

  • Speed 
  • Dips and bumps are not visible like a guarded clipper 
  • looks softer than a uniformed guarded clipper look 

Continue to clipper the hair  

There's a technique to working around the head too. The sides are worked a little differently to the back. 

Matt works on a diagonal back at the sides. He lifts, looks for hair that passes his guide and then takes it away, gradually working a little longer up top. He then works horizontally around the back and comes back to a diagonal-back approach on the opposite side. In the nape and the lower segment of the back and sides matt uses a clipper with a 1.5 guard. He uses a rocking motion to remove hair and blend. He then sharpens up the edges too. 

Cutting the top 

Matt begins to cut the top by working on the triangular section first. This area is going to be the shorter length connected to the back. 

He sections off following the triangular shape and works diagonal-back. He connects the lengths using his 100% cutting side of the tri razor. He then takes the next section and pulls over the top of the previous and cuts. This builds weight in the center of the triangle, he repeats this technique on both sides for symmetry. 

Now work towards the front of the haircut 

The next section uses a lot of over direction to retain length around the face. 

Matt takes a horizontal section and pulls it back to our triangular. He then decides to use the scissors to demonstrate creating a texture with the scissors too. Everything is pulled back to that guide and point cut in a horizontal manner.


Texturize the hair 

Matt shows us a technique for texturizing with the tri-razor. This will help soften and blend too. 

First, he blow-dries the hair. Then he sections the top horizontally and uses a Velcro clip to control the fly-away hairs. Matt pops the Tri-razor in on the 25% side at mid-shaft. He then Slides out weight in the hair and adds texture. He works the texturizing more around the back to sleek the back and keep the fullness up front. 

Detail your haircut 

Matt shows us a few little detailing tips and tricks that make all the difference in a haircut. 

If the client is going to wear the hair to one side, take a corner section at the front where it will lay. Matt softens it with his 25% texturizer. There is still length in this corner but it helps hold up the hair. Then he works on the point at the back where the top connects to the bottom. He uses scissor-over-comb. 

Then style-it-out 

There's a lot of products you can choose and ways to style out this look. 

Matt decides to go in with MITCH barber's classic. This is a super shiny soft hold look for a slicker business man type finish. He works in the product from back to front to avoid overloading the front with product. Once it's in matt uses his comb to perfect and finish the look! Hope you guys like it. 


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