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At Free Salon Education we are passionate about bringing you up-to-date content, relevant to trends the situation and the business of working on guests in the salon. Check out our free hair education videos on YouTube for new tutorials poppin’ up all the time. This haircut we are blogging about today is great for hairdressing after lockdown. 

Hairdressing after COVID19 

Hairdressing has been impacted by COVID19 and we want to somehow help our industry. 

At the moment if you have a lockdown lift, we have extra things going on in salon. Every single guest is a challenge. When they leave their hair for extended periods, we're either dealing with restyles, or, corrections - for those scissor happy guests.  Not just that but we have a waiting list as long as forever. So how can we cut smarter for these testing times? 

This hair cut is quick and easy. 

The cut is a beautiful classic, it's on trend and we educate you on here for free! 

The simplicity and versatility for this haircut will have you speeding on your way. Your guests will be happy to get some shape, restore health and give them an easy – low maintenance look. So, less reading more cutting. Check out the video below. 

Get prepared! - Things you need to create this look

  • Clips 
  • Cutting comb 
  • Texturizer scissors
  • Cutting scissors
  • Blow-dryer 
  • Curling iron  
  • Hair styling products. 
  • Paddle brush 
  • Round brush 

The haircut

Quarantine length hair, our guest had gone a long time without a haircut. 

The cut we're aiming for has a layered face-frame, blunt bottom and volume. We are working with simplistic sectioning patterns and this style can be worn well in many textures, so it's super versatile on your guests. With 70s looks filtering through, Trends are focusing on face-framing short-long cuts so this is a trendy wearable look, for everyday style. 

The quick haircut sectioning. 

Speed your cutting with this simple technique. 

First, we are splitting densities of the hair. So, the back is split from the front. Follow the hair line behind the ear over the high point on the head. Then in the large back section, we split down the middle. We then take horizontal sections to begin to cut. 

Cutting the hair strong but soft. 

We use our cutting scissors to point cut our line. 

This will give a soft appearance to the edge, saving you time later in removing bulk. The hair is cut in a basic square length parallel to the chair. This gives a nice strong baseline to the cut, and will push some length forwards. We repeat this technique working our way down the back of the head cutting it with the same point cutting technique and following the guide. 

The quick cutting on the sides. 

We then work on speed cutting the sides and top of the haircut. 

We start our sides with the face-framing-layers. We take a diagonal section in the bang area to begin. We stand the opposite side of our guest and over direct towards us cutting from short - to long. The more over-direction, the more length retained. 

TIP- Working on our layers first reduces sectioning and spending time pointlessly cutting. (Pardon the pun). Working methodically up the head, cutting a baseline that you later are going to layer, doesn't make a heck of a lot of sense. We are cutting the sides base length in at the end. We haven't missed it out. 

Face framing layers

We have a few things to think about here. 

We are still point cutting in a line to diffuse the outline. This is a stationary guide and we bring all our face framing layers to this point following our sectioning pattern. This technique pushes length back. Think about this in consultation. How short do you want the layers? How much weight do you want to remove? How much weight would you like to push back?  

Also, our technique is repeated on the opposite side. Move your body to the opposite side you are cutting, and cut from short-to-long. 

The haircut length on the sides

We now cut our bottom length to finish the shape. 

You now need to cut your length and connect to the back. Take a horizontal section and connect to the length at the back. Giving you a nice blunt line through the bottom, creating health movement shine and shape in the haircut. Repeat this technique on both sides. 

Styling your haircut

Styling is personal and can be done quick or you can take more time. 

Now we actually spend a bit of energy in our style with a curling wand. The styling is time-savvy for a polished blow-dry look and the waves are optional but also can be a quick technique. We work with a paddle wrap technique removing water in the hair and smoothing. We then go in with our round brush when damp to volumize and add a kick to the style. 

TIP- We use Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hydro Cream Whip for hydration and hold in the mid-lengths to ends. Our Ergo round brush number 53 is great for volume and polish. The negatively charged tourmaline ions polish and pull the hair giving extra shine. 

Dry cutting 

The refinement stage of the cut is now ready. 

We use texturizer scissors to softly break into the heavy back and bring a lightness. We then go in with our cutting scissors and slide cut into the hair to soften and create layers. With refinement it also can be personalized to your style. 

Curling the hair

Once finished you have options with your style. 

We personally love the texture our curling wand give so went in with a grungy look. The beauty of grungy texture is its lived-in looking, you can leave straighter ends or pieces out and it can work. So, for a quick style technique, grunge is perfect! 

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