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Long Hair Shag Cut How-to

This hair cut is super wearable, salon friendly and on trend. 

Hair has taken a turn back in time to our mullet and shag haircut era and we love it! Jagged textures sweeping bangs an abstract style what's not to love? We like this hair cut how-to, because it is a popular look, and will give you the confidence create something beautiful on your guest. 

Get prepared! Tools you need - 

  • Cutting combs 
  • Cutting scissors 
  • TriRazor 
  • Clips 
  • Blow-dryer 
  • Hair products 

The hair cut needs sectioning  

The sectioning is really simple for the long shag look. 

We section a part on top straight down the middle, with ''U'' shaped section running across the parietal ridge to the mastoid process. We then draw a line with our comb, splitting the densities of the sides from the back. This keeps us aware of the change when we reach behind the ear. 

top hair sections


TIP- Matt is using his YS park 334 comb, these combs are available on 

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Start the Shag Hair Cut with a Guide

The guide line is just the guide – we are cutting into this section later. 

Matt recommends stating the haircut by cutting in his baseline in the back. He wants to create a blunt line as a guide. This is achieved by taking a channel section down the middle and blunt cutting. Matt then follows his guide using the same technique and zero elevation. 

 guide line cut

Then Cut Shag Face Framing Layers 

The layers are cut with the TriRazor. We have 4 panels at the front. 

We start on the side with section number one. All the hair is combed forwards and we really work at that scalp area, this cut is going to determine our length so think about where you want the hair to fall. Do you want a disconnection? Do you want to remove a lot of weight and a deep layer around the front? 

 razor cut shag

Use our TriRazor! 

For the first razor cut we are using our 25% cutting razor. 

Go in at the midshaft and slide out, this removes 25% of the hair. Then change your razor angle and draw out the shape around the face. Back and forth movement creates a shattered cut effect through the ends. Drop the hair and connect up the back by using your 100% cutting side. 


Matching up our sides we use the same sectioning and cutting technique. Matt Checks for balance by pulling the hair at the front forwards from both sides, and cutting a guide in his next section to ensure he has balance. 


Now to Cut the Bangs of the Long Shag 

We take these two top sections and we are cutting them together! 

Pull the hair all directly forwards in one big section. Grab your TriRazor and on our 50% option, go in and slide out texture at the length you want to see layers. Continually repeat this technique combing away the cut hair until you feel the hair is looking see-through. The with our 100% edge and back and forth movement take away the length. 

 bangs shag


TIP- the hair that is pulled forwards is cut on a straight. This creates a round because of the over direction once the hair is released it forms a rounded shape. 

TIP- TriRazor is worldwide shipped and available on this website! 

Then we Cut Hair at the Back of the Shag 

There are many ways to layer the back. We decided to go for a V-shape. 

We section 1 step past the middle. The larger hair section is pulled directly out to the side with the hair below the occipital dropped. Matt goes in with his 50% edge and slides out texture. He then repeats with 25%. When you feel you have added enough internal texture, use your 100% cutting edge and carve out a layer working with a vertical line. Matt then repeats this technique from the opposite side. Th only difference is he is working from the top layer to the bottom. 


TIP- The over direction is pulled parallel behind the ear. 

TIP- Thinner hair types is better to keep to blunter lines, retaining a strong shape. 

Style the Hair

We use Paul Mitchells Sculpting Foam and Neuro Prime for condition hold and protection. 

We use our ergo diamond paddle to brush product through and work a trace of product in the base. We use a flat wrap blow-dry technique to remove water – The hair looks frizzy prior to the finish. The smooth out with our round brush and Paul Mitchells Hot Off The Press. 

 neuro prime

Detail and Refine the Cut with your Scissors

Look at the areas that fall bulky, and etch out the bulk. 

Use your creative flare and define edges you see needing more strength. In the layers at the back, we are point cutting. We take a line across the back, over-direct, and point cut into it. He continues to follow that guide until he runs out of hair. This just softens the middle section. 

 point cut

Layer and Detail the Length 

The hair in the occipital down has no layer. 

Matt recommends using the 50% cutting edge because the razor is the most exposed. The blade on the razor should be changed for every use. Meaning the razor is actually sharper than scissors. Matt visually pinches areas and cuts away to create movement and flow in the cut. 


Try the TriRazor 

TriRazor is also great for texturizing short cuts. 

Matt grabs a mannequin and shows you a technique he has used for some men's hair. The razor is versatile, safe, you can pop it in your pocket and there's many ways to use it! 

tri razor

The Hair Cut is Finished 

Once you're happy with the look just grab your Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press and give a spray in place.  

We hope you enjoyed the cut! Most equipment and tools are available on Download our FSEnow app to get involved with the FSE hair community and updates comment to say hi and subscribe to our Free Salon Education video! - Happy cutting! 

 finished cut



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