FSE Hair Cutting System 

This hair cutting system created by Matt Beck the founder of free salon education, is a virtual learning experience designed to teach the "whys" and "how's" of cutting hair. We have 8 video hair cutting tutorials for you, your team, or your students to get involved in. The haircuts are 8 modern salon reality cuts.

We also have a welcome video, a terminology video and a digital book you can print out. Also, certification to add to your education. This content contains terminology and sectioning for cutting. We encourage you to join our community and ask questions on the FSEnow app. Give us a tag of your work on our Instagram  @freesaloneducation. Thanks, and enjoy! 

Hair cutting tutorial

Tools you will need 

We're keeping it pretty standard with our tool selection, all you need are these basic hair cutting and styling tools - 

  • Scissors 
  • Fine and wide toothed combs 
  • Vent brush 
  • Blow-dryer 
  • Smoothing iron 
hair cutting tools

    Video one is our run through of hair cutting terminology. 

    This helps you understand why we use Shape, elevation, tension, cutting angles, finger angles and over direction. We also have bone structures and head shapes teaching you all the different references. These references apply throughout most haircutting systems, giving you the knowledge to apply to other learning sessions throughout your hairdressing career. 

    This is all on our printable PDF document, providing - basic sectioning techniques for cutting, simplicity and consistency, and balanced open and closed cuts. We learn about graduation or layers. Along with long, medium and combination cuts. Were very excited to share this with you to grow and learn as a stylist. 

    step by step hair cutting

    The videos are broken down into 8 different types of hair cuts 

    • VIDEO 1 - LONG ONE LENGTH CLOSED HAIRCUT – This hair cut tutorial offers a technical insight to the simplistic one length haircut. 

     one length hair cut

    • VIDEO 2 - BALANCED LAYERS HAIRCUT – Wearable textured layered look working with weight distribution. 

     texture hair cut tutorial

    • VIDEO 3 - OPEN LAYERS HAIRCUT - Working with open layers, soft face framing and the fall of the hair. 


    • VIDEO 4 - CLOSED GRADUATION HAIRCUT – Sharp and neat technical graduated bob. 

     balanced hair cut

    • VIDEO 5 - BALANCED ONE LENGTH BOB HAIRCUT – Balanced one length look, working with the hair where it will be worn. 

     one length hair cut tutorial

    • VIDEO 6 - OPEN LAYERS SHAG HAIRCUT – Medium length shag with a wispy finish working with weight removal. 

     layers shag hair cut tutorial

    • VIDEO 7 - OPEN LAYERS CLOSED TOP SHORT HAIRCUT – Textured sleek crop look with a femme edge working with cut combination. 

     pixie hair cut tutorial

    • VIDEO 8 - OPEN LAYERS BALANCED TOP SHORT HAIRCUT – Soft flippy texture working on short hair and combinations of techniques. 

     short hair cut tutorial



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