The “wolf cut” is an audacious mash-up of two of this season’s most drastic cuts, the shag and the mullet. As its name suggests, the wolf cut is a little wild, thanks to loads of shaggy, wavy layers; and it’s fierce, courtesy of the ballsy shorter mullet-like layers at the front, which require a ton of attitude to pull off. The trademark is lots of volume at the top that tapers towards the bottom, finished off with heavy bangs or side bangs. Purchase The FSE Digital Haircutting System Here: Purchase The TriRazor Here:​
October 29, 2021 — matt beck


Norr said:

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Aisha said:

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Gloria B said:

Like this version of Wolf Cut. I’m 71 and hair is gray with a lot of light brown still in back. Think this style would be fun and easy to manage. Thanks! Do yo refer hair dressers in my area? Western WA

Barbara Butler said:

Your one of the best I’ve watched. I’ve been in this business for 60 years now. Thank you.

Karen said:

I appreciate this email

Shawn said:

Very cool!!!

Linda Peets said:

That is a really nice cut. I hope at least one of my clients will let me cut it like that. it’s very easy to manage too. Thanks for the update.

Stephanie Comrie said:

Thank you matt for your video, I have always told my friends at college that I never learned to cut hair in college I watch match videos and was the only person that have confidence in cutter hair, thank you matt now I have left college with a level 2&3 and still watch your videos for more and more advanced stage..thank you and your team.

Robin Badger said:

Amazing! Took you 5 minutes.

Dee said:

Thank you Matt! Watching your videos and live through COVID, which was awesome! I’ve be a hairdresser for over 30 yrs. learning never gets old!! Oxox

Joseph Sudano said:

I have too say i M a older haircutter been in involved in advance cutting since i started
1970 started with Roffler. I admire you for advancements in teaching hairdresser hope you continue. By the am 77 years old and i still try to learn new techniques

Sheila Jones said:

I enjoyed watching you work, and seeing a great haircut creation 👌

Donna said:

Great job! Love your explanations of all your haircuts

Lyman goodnight said:


Woronec Darlene said:

Love the Wolf style. Great job Matt!

Audrey said:



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