This mini tutorial shows us how to cut a fringe with a razor. We have the unique TriRazor, and were sure you'll love it. 

This video is taken off our free salon education YouTube channel. Check the channel out if you like to keep on top of education in hairdressing. This week were razor cutting with the TriRazor just to show you a different way of cutting a fringe with a razor. We also have a video of the TriRazor in action, showcasing its awesome functions. 

Texturizing with a razor 

This year texture has become a big deal when it comes to razor cutting fringes and bangs 

Looks have gone more 70's with shaggy face framing fringes and opening up cheekbones with soft bangs and layers. We also have seen a comeback with the mullet, so 80s has crept into hairdressing trends, with cute pixie fringes and razor cut texture, bringing soft edges and extreme proportions. 

razor cut fringe

Razor cutting fringes 

Razor cutting fringes is perfect for time saving, and free play with creativity. 

Razors are nice to use for our textured fringes and layers. They come away from the super-precision cutting we do with scissors, and bring us the ability to use a creative flare. Not only that, but our razor the TriRazor, adds extra fun and a little drama to our razor cutting. 

Unique razor cutting 

The TriRazor give you the opportunity to add a little extra fun to cutting fringes, bangs and texture. 

The multi-tool has three different edges for different purposes. The patented product has a 100% cutting edge – for length and bulk removal. A 50% cutting edge – for less removal and adding texture (great on medium-thick densities of hair). Then finally, a 25% cutting edge – brilliant for adding soft texture, particularly on finer hair types. So basically the TriRazor is three razors in one tool – what's not to love? 

Alternative razor tools for cutting 

Over the years I have learned the number one reason our guests leave the salon, is boredom. 

Basically, if we don't keep up-to-date with education, try new things and offer a little something different, our clients can feel bored. Keep things exciting by trying new techniques, purchasing unique tools like the TriRazor and having fun by pushing your knowledge further. Guests love to see something new, so let's keep it exciting. 

October 27, 2021 — Evelyn Davies

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