Today were talking about the classic one length bob. This hair cut is elegant and timeless – and we have just the tutorial for you! 

This one length bob hair cut video has been taken from Matt Becks YouTube channel – Free Salon Education. On here you can find all the latest hairdressing education, giving you the knowledge and confidence to get creative on your guests. Subscribe and get involved, you won't be disappointed! 

First section the hair  

The one length bob is a clean, precise look needing a methodical approach to hair cutting. 

This means we start at the very basics to keep things clean and organized. Set yourself up to win with the right sectioning. Sectioning for this look is very simple, we have a side part, that works into a more center back. Then section across on a more diagonal forward to cut the guideline. 

Be mindful of body positioning  

Really, body positioning is super important when cutting hair. Not only does it mean you cut better but it ensures a healthier body position. 

Make sure when working through the hair is evenly saturated with water. Also, keep the guest sitting high and so the head reaches eye-level, this may require you to sit lower, and ensure the body positioning is square and level – no hunching. 

Start cutting the one length bob 

We are cutting 1'' from the hair line and working from the middle outwards creating our base line. 

Use the tip of the scissors to cut rather than the inner corner. The inner corner pushes hair as it cuts and creates inconsistency. Once you reach the outer edge of this guide line, use the comb to slightly over direct the hair back. This controls the hair and pushes a little weight into the corner. 

Work methodically up the head. 

Section 1/2'' up the head in the same manner as you work through the hair. 

Do not over-tilt the head we want the cut to sit one length where it lives. So, we are choosing just to slightly tilt the head. Utilize the comb to control the cutting and keep the comb tension repetitive. Once you have reached above the occipital bone. Start to take the section around to the side of the head where it parts. 

Find the corner of the head 

Where the head rounds, we over-direct slightly back and cut. Once the sides are reached, the head needs to be straight. 

We are now cutting the hair where it hangs with 0 tension. We cut with the scissors, the hair is in its natural fall, and were using no fingers. We repeat this working upwards on one side following the guide. 

Cut the heavy side of the bob 

Then we work on the opposite side of the hair cut with the same sectioning working around the head. Reference back to the previously cut side, to ensure we are not going off track and the cut isn't wonky. Once we have reached the top, comb the hair in its natural fall with 0 tension and cut. 

Style the hair and refine the look 

Apply desired product and use a flat paddle brush and flat wrap the hair to get a smooth finish. 

We are aiming to blow the cuticle flat so were working in a leafing manner to pull the hair smooth. Following the hair with the blow-dryer. We then go in with our irons to polish off the blow-dry. Once we have styled the hair, we fine tune the look by sharpening the edges with our scissors. Check out the bob below. 

October 20, 2021 — Evelyn Davies


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