One of the popular hair cut looks at the moment is 60s style bangs, and we have a great little how to for you. 

This blog is a break down from a live show Matt created early this year, his trend prediction wasn't wrong, and the 60s style bangs gives a great alternative to the mullet/shag trend right now. Not every guest wants heavy layering and this look is bang on to give a salon friendly alternative. This live session is a great was to get interactive and ask questions about the hair cut we are educating. So, check out our YouTube channel Free Salon Education for more how-tos. 

The 60s bangs hair cut 

Soft feathery bangs and long hair give your guests something else to try out, especially with fall approaching, fringes start to creep in. 

The focus on this hair cut is textured lightweight bangs. We have nice longer layers, mainly around the front perimeter, creating a heavier long back. This is great on those guests wanting a change without going too extreme with the haircut. 

60s bangs

How to section the bangs 

We want to Section the hair to give us control and organization when cutting hair. 

We have a basic triangle shape in the fringe area, depth of the triangle depends on how thick you want this fringe to look. The bigger the section, the thicker the fringe. Start from the top of the head, drawing two lines to the hairline. Twist the hair neatly and clip away in a coiled bun. 

hair section 60s bangs

How to section the haircut. 

There's always a reason we decide to section the way we do, Matt explains why. 

Matt then decides to split the front and the back the line travels from the top of the head, to down behind the ear. He repeats this on both sides. This is then neatly clipped away. The split between the front and back separates the two different densities in the hair, giving Matt the option to cut according to the two densities. The sides are weaker and the back is fuller. 

hair cut 60s bangs

How to cut the hair 

First, we cut the back. The hair is combed down at 0 elevation and a strong blunt line is cut in one section, for educational purposes. 

We then cut the layers around the sides. We are utilizing a condensed cutting method. The hair is pulled together at a stationary cutting guide. Matt parts the hair on the angle that he will cut his line, diagonal forwards. The hair is over directed forwards and he cuts in his line, once he has cut the entire section, he works on the opposite side. Matt pulls a piece of hair from the previous to cut a matching guide.  

Once the face framing layers have been cut, check over the length to make sure your layers are connected. 

layer 60s bangs fringe hair cut

How to cut the bangs 60s style 

Release the fringe area, were using a tri-razor. We have a 25%, 50%, and 100% cutting edge. 

The 60s style bangs are around the eyelash area so we need to be mindful of retaining length. Comb the hair forwards with even tension and pinch the hair to fit the width of the tri-razor blade. We're cutting with the 100% edge and were using micro-movements to create a soft edge. Once released you should have a nice arched round, you can swipe the bangs with the 25% edge for softness. He swipes it through the back to add a little connection. 

how to cut 60s bangs

Blow dry the 60s look 

Grab your hair styling products and brushes to blow-dry this look. 

Matt decides to use Paul Mitchells fast form, a flexible, conditioning, styling gel cream. He layers on top with Paul Mitchells neuro prime, a cream heat protection from the blow dry. He uses his ergo paddle brush and blow dries the hair using a flat wrap technique. Once the hair is 95% dry, he goes in with Paul Mitchells Neuro Protect and finishes drying for thermal protection from the next styling step. 

hot to blow dry 60s bangs

Heat style the hair cut 

Grab your irons of choice, were going to smooth out the fluff and add a kick to this look. 

Section the hair diagonal back around the face. We go in with the smoothing irons in two passes. The first sleeks the hair, the second bevels them ends. This gives a nice rounded look to the shape. Then, take diagonal sections through the bangs and give a slight bevel. 

style 60s bangs hair

Personalize the 60s hair cut 

Grab your scissors, tri-razor and finishing products because were almost done. 

Check over the look. We separate the fringe horizontally and slip away 25% of the hair with the tri-razor. The drop the top of the fringe down. We skinny away any areas we feel needs hair taking away and check perimeters of the look. Once happy, Matt decides to use spray wax to give the hair a lived-in look. Hope you like the finished result. 

 finished look 60s bangs hair style


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