Recently we have seen emerging haircut trends for men's hair rocking 90s style bowl cuts and K-pop inspired looks. We wanted to hit on some hair cutting and styling particularly inspired by Jin from the Korean pop band BTS. 

JIN BTS Tutorial Haircut How To

This step-by-step tutorial give a short clear insight on how to create these looks on your guests in the salon, and we have taken it from our YouTube channel Free Salon Education. YouTube is just one of the educational platforms we use here at Free Salon education and if learning hair trends and keeping up-to-date is your thing, we also have our app FSEnow. This is an app dedicated to connecting and sharing with a community of hairdressers passionate about education. 

Section the haircut 

So, our sectioning is just how we like it – pretty simple. We section the haircut by drawing our part line in. Then we create a triangular section with its point towards the back. Width of this hair section is dependent on desired outcome. We went with a skinny triangle because we want to create a small disconnected area around the face. Then we split the back from our triangular point into the mid nape. After we section diagonal forwards, just above the occipital bone to begin cutting. 

K pop hair cut  k-popkpop hair tutorial cut

Cutting our K-pop haircut 

We are taking vertical sections, following the round of the head. A key factor in this cut is picking the length to determine the look. Matt goes for a 2” length. Matt begins cutting in the middle back to begin his guide. Working the next section into the previous, this is what we call a travelling guide. We repeat the same method on the opposite side of this section. The fingers are parallel to the head shape. Cutting palm to palm. Matt sharpens up the edges at this stage, but it can be left natural. 

hair cut tutorial sectioning K-pop

Start cutting at the front 

The BTS Jin curtains k pop haircut look has neat edges near the ears. Matt starts cutting the sides in front of the ear. Taking a section just in front of the ear on a slight diagonal gives a nipped in guide around the face. We take a section just above this and pull some of the previous up as our guide and cut. We need to make sure this section runs into the back to connect it up. 

BTS JIN Haircut Tutorial

Switch the hair cut finger position  

So, we begin to transition from a horizontal finger position, to a vertical. This will build weight up at the sides towards the back. He is also holding his finger angle to the wall. Hair cutting terminology can be a little confusing. So, if you don't fully understand some things we mention in this blog, it could be beneficial if you take a look at our digital haircutting system. This system gives a clear insight into hair cutting, terminology and theory. We recommend checking it out. 

JIN Haircut How To

Now repeat the hair cut 

We continue cutting on the opposite side of the head with the same method. It's good to check lengths are matching section-by-section to maintain balance and keep you on track. Remember, we want this sectioning to run into the back of the cut to connect it up. 

JIN BTS Hair Cut

K pop hair cut tutorial terminology

We're combining shapes here. There's open - which is pulling the hair off his face. Also, we have closed shape in the triangular section to push hair onto the face. This kind of terminology is from the free salon education digital hair cutting system. Check out the video below to see out trailer, with snippets of content used in the cutting system. 

Cut our last section of hair 

Up top we have the final section. This section is simply pulled back into one and over directed to the length at the back and cut. This is because we want to leave an overhang of hair that is disconnected around the front. Dry cutting our look, we are using the FSE velcro hair clips. These are perfect for sectioning short hair with fly-aways. We're also offering 15% off purchases, so you might want to check out our Scissors we're using Mizutani scissors in the video. Just use the code HOLIDAY21 and get yourself some holiday discount. 

Kpop Haircut Tutorial JIN BTSK-pop Haircut Tutorial JIN BTS How To Cut Hair

Styling your hair like JIN from BTS 

So, we're onto styling and this look has natural flicky movement. Matt uses MITCH steady grip from Paul Mitchell. A blob of this blow-dried through the hair will create a nice light grip in the style, holding the shape. The hair is blown back off the face, creating height with a paddle, because were drying the hair in the opposite way to which it falls. Then our texture needs to be worked in the ends, getting creative with product using some MITCH clean cut from Paul Mitchell. We hope you like it! 

Mitch K-pop JIN BTS Hair StylingK-pop Hair Cut JIN BTS Tutorial How To


December 15, 2021 — Evelyn Davies

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