This video is from our YouTube channel free salon education. We have teamed up with Colin Caruso and John Paul Mitchell Systems to show case this Fire hair color! Red and copper hair are so seasonal, so why not brighten up your guests this Christmas with this hot hair color technique? 

Colin is using simple techniques with Paul Mitchell Color XG and Crema XG. The Color XG is our permanent hair color and Crema XG is our demi. We're getting fun, Firey, copper hair with vibrant results. Crema XG is our brand-new vegan no ammonia demi permanent hair color. Infused with cotton seed oil and rice milk we're sure to see long lasting shiny hair color. 

paul mitchell copper hair color

The canvas we're working on has a virgin regrowth and a level 7/8 warm blonde on the mid-ends. This canvas we're working on is perfectly color matched to create our fiery hair color vision. Our Color XG will lift up them roots and add tone with 20vol. Whilst our Crema XG will add tone and condition to those ends with 10vol. So, let's get down to business.. Check out how to create a fiery hair color below - 

before hair color technique fire

Section the hair 

We're creating a circle section up top; this hair sectioning pattern is very simplistic. We take a round section on the top of the head. We then section the underneath by dividing the hair in front of the ear away, and creating a V section that points just below the occipital bone in the back, you will see this come together more as we get creative with the color. 

section hair fire copper color

hair color technique fire

Color the hair with fire tones 

We then get together our formulars. We got Color XG 6R+20vol, Crema XG 6R+10vol, Crema XG 70R+10 and Crema XG 8R0+10vol. Remember – our only consistency in this color is the root color - Color XG 6R. Colin painted the root in the nape section with Color XG, and decides to match the root with Crema XG 6R through to the ends. 

paul mitchell 7ro

No ammonia fire hair tones 

He wants to just deposit tone on the lighter canvas, whilst lifting up those roots with the 20vol. This is where the fun of the shade matching demi and permanent hair color comes in to creating predictable beautiful results. Colin chose Crema XG on those ends to protect the integrity of the hair, deposit deeper tone and also avoid lifting hair more than it needs to be. The last thing we want is ammonia on those ends, our guest is a hair color changer so, all hail Crema XG. 

crema xg 6r hair color

The fire hair colors 

We're discovering fire all over again with the mix of 6R- a vibrant true red. 70R- bright gold with a red reflect and 8R0-our brightest red with an orange reflect. Were super excited to see the end result.  

fire hair tones red hair color

Coloring hair with orange fire tones 

Then we get onto the V-shaped section above the occipital bone. Again, we paint our root area 6R+20vol adding vibrancy throughout and we go in on those ends with 70R+10vol. Color works in two ways with level and tone. Tone directly effects level. Using a brighter tone like an orange, will give a brighter pop than a red and more light reflection. Understanding these details really makes a difference in color work. 

orange fire hair color technique

copper balayage hair color technique

Fire color hairline details 

The hair line is again, you guessed it, root painted with 6R+20v. This will give us lift. Throughout the ends we change it up with our brightest color 8R0+10v. The 8R0 will add a flicker of fire dimension to the hair color. This will pop the hair, drawing attention to our beautiful guest's face, also giving a natural multi-fire tone hair color. Colin then drops the section above decides to bring in 70R for depth and dimension, repeating the color formulary and technique on the other side. 

fire hair line hair color technique

Melt the fire hair color together 

Then we have our final section to color. We want to marry this whole look, and this section will cascade over the multi-tones. We go in with our 6R+20vol root and decide to use the 70R mid shaft – ends. We give a good saturation to avoid any holidays - (missed bits). Color the section, neatly clip up and give it 20 minutes processing time. 

hair color fire orange

Colin loves the shade matched technology in Color and Crema XG and loves the fire hair color technique. The end result is vibrant glossy and beautiful. To see more of color and all things hair care Paul Mitchell has to offer, check out their YouTube channels - Paulmitchell, Paul Mitchell professional or on the gram - @paulmitchellpro @paulmitchellus. 

 copper balayage fire hair color technique

December 08, 2021 — Evelyn Davies

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