Learn how to cut the super popular wolf haircut in this video tutorial. This particular hair cut education is a simple sectioning pattern and very easy for bringing into a busy salon. 

Section the wolf hair cut 

Take a center part up top, then section the front away from the back. Once clipped away section down the center back down to the nape. Then work across the occipital bone to section out the length for cutting later. 

Digital Hair Cutting System 

This system up uses the terminology from our digital hair cutting system. We recommend checking it out if you're wanting to brush up on hair terminology, cutting why and how, 8 step by step salon wearable looks, digital head sheets, certification for your portfolio and so on.  

Cut the hair using a TriRazor 

This 3-way tool is the ultimate all round razor. Consisting of a 100% cutting side, a 50% cutting side and a 25% cutting side it's the perfect multi-tool not only to use on thick, medium and thin hair, but also for different texturizing effects – what's not to love? 

Begin Cutting the Wolf Haircut 

Prep the hair with Paul Mitchells Tea Tree Hemp Replenishing Hair and Body Oil. Perfect for air-dried, smoothing out or diffused looks and suitable for all hair types. Work the product through the hands, and work through the lengths. 

Create the hair section around the face 

Work on a diagonal back on the right-hand side. Use the 100% cutting edge of the Tri-Razor, comb the hair forwards and out away from the face and swipe away the hair. Matt is cutting the hair at a strong descending angle, creating a short- long look. Matt then follows the guide he just cut by working the rest of the right section into it, swiping away hair in super speed. This is then repeated on the left-hand side. 

Cut the Back of The Wolf Haircut 

Work the front into the back by following the descending line into the length. Then, once the perimeter is cut, Matt works on the texture. In the back, Matt is using the 50% side of the TriRazor, there is no need to layer the hair, you can go in and just take out skinny sections. Since the wolf cut has heaps of texture, this tool works quite well. 

Cut the Wolf Cut Crown 

Working on the right-hand side of the wolf haircut, Matt is rotating using an open layer in the crown on the right-hand side. Matt pulls the hair up in the middle back and decides where he wants the layer to be visually. He pivots pie sections to around the back of the ear travelling with his guide. He repeats the same sections on the opposite side. 

Style your Wolf Hair Cut 

Matt goes back in with the Tea Tree Hemp Replenishing Hair and Body Oil. He layers some over the hair, and then goes in with his hairdryer. Matt wants to work with the natural wavy texture of the hair. Matt then uses Paul Mitchell worked up spray to finish – we hope you like it. 

February 02, 2022 — Evelyn Davies


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I’ve purchased the SFE cutting system and let me tell you, it’s a great educational tool. Even w 15 yrs experience here Im still learning everyday. Fantastic work Matt. From Vancouver, Canada

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je veux avoir cette coupe

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