Check out this little guide of how to layer hair for hairdressers, cosmetologists and hair hobbyists.  

Matt Beck creator of free salon education is layering this look on our video link. Showing you how to layer hair with techniques, tools and confidence. Check out this hair layering video from our  YouTube channel We got plenty more hair cutting, styling and coloring guides on there too. But first – How to layer hair. 

Iron The Hair Before We Layer 

If you're working on a guest with a smooth hair type, iron the hair in the direction of the face frame – section diagonally. If this was a curly guest, wanting to wear their hair curly, cut layers with the curls intact. We do not want super long length around the face, we want layers. This is to compliment a shorter face shape. We want to elongate it with layers popping back or forwards around the face. 

how to layer hair

How To Section The Layer Hair Cut 

We section the hair by leaving the part in the place it will sit and draw a circular section around the crown, leaving the perimeter out to cut. If we were creating a fringe, we would work on that section first. We are cutting face framing layers instead. Initially, we are working on the weaker side to begin layering. 

how to layer hair

Layer Hair Cutting Techniques 

We begin cutting layers on the weaker side of the hair. This is the side with less hair. There are so many hair cutting techniques to use when layering hair, and we will show you a few different ones. We are cutting the layers with a slide cutting technique to begin. 

Begin Layering The Hair Cut 

Start with a slight diagonal forwards line around the face. Stand the opposite side and pull the hair forwards. Decide the length of the top layer and slide hair out with the 'mouth' of the scissors. This is a layering technique called slide cutting. 

layering the hair

How To Point Cut To Layer The Hair 

Maybe you're not comfortable yet with slide cutting? We also show you how to point cut the hair. Matt demonstrates that if you elevate the section, the same length of layers can be achieved by point cutting. You layer the hair with point cutting if you pull it up, or you can layer the hair with slide cutting if you pull it down. 

point cutting layers

Define Your Layered Hair Cut 

Let the hair fall loose and long around the face after layering your basic shape. Grab your scissors and create gaps in the hair around the ends. This ''shatters'' the line and adds definition to the layers. It's a nice little tip for those of you wanting to see different lengths in the hair. 

slide cut layers

Layer The Heavy Side Of The Hair Cut 

Matt wants the layer to very slightly scoop across the front of the face. Matt sections along the part and brings some of the previous cut into the section. He then over-directs to the previous cut. He keeps standing position to the opposite side of the head, this way he is pulling hair towards him. The finger angle mimics the head shape for a seamless fall of layers. All sections this side are pulled to the same stationary position and layered in the same technique. 

layer heavy side of the hair

Cutting The Layers 

Ones this larger section is layered, Slide cut gaps in the hair to define the layers and take away bulk. Then we start cutting the layers in the back. Take a middle back vertical section and elevate. Point cut the layers. If your worried about losing length, let the bottom of the section fall away so you don’t cut it. Continue layering around the back, over directing to the previous.

layering hair

Release The Top Layer Section 

Then we need to work on the crown. Matt pulls the crown area over the top of the part in one large section. Using the 50% side of the TriRazor, swipe away length. This leaves soft textured layers to fall over the length. 

how to layer hair easy

How To Style the Layered Hair Cut 

Prep with a dry styling heat protection. We're using worked up flexible hold hairspray and a conical heated curler by Paul Mitchell. Wind around the mid length leaving the ends straighter. Work section by section. Once curled work your fingers through the layers to give a beachy effect to the hair. 

styling layered hair

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