Ever wanted a little guidance on cutting a modern shag? Maybe you don't feel super confident at cutting a shag and need a little help. Well, if so, you're in the right place. 

The shag has boomed over the past year and we love it! It’s a wearable hair cut suitable for straight, wavy, curly, thick, fine hair types and we're having guests request these looks on a regular basis. Cutting a shag is super fun, there's texture, shape, layers and so much creativity in these haircuts. The shag can be extreme or subtle... No wonder it’s a trend. 

Free salon education 

This video is taken from Matt Becks YouTube channel Free Salon Education This is just one of the platforms Matt uses to provide you all the hairdressing education you need to get you salon confident. We also have an app called FSEnow which is a community of hair stylists and hobbyists connecting and showcasing their work. We upload classes and generally grow our expertise! Also, we have a Online Hairdressers Shop with all the tools you need to get into hair. Not just tools, but also a Digital haircutting system With the education you need to understand the why, and how of cutting hair. 

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Cutting the shag hair 

This look entails a simplified speedy approach to cutting a shag. Over the last years we've had ups and downs in the salon trying to fit in our guests and keeping our work of good quality. The cut is mainly created using the TriRazor. This triple tool gives 3 razor effects for versatility and speed. We're working with condensed cutting, taking large singular sections and swiping out hair with the razor! 


Section the shag hair cut 

Sectioning for the shag haircut in this blog is pretty simple. We go directly down the center, use the nose as a reference and draw the hair back to the crown. Separate the density of the back to the front by taking a line that works from behind the ear, to the top center part. Clip away the front and repeat the sectioning on the opposite side. Separating the front from the back. 

 shag hair cut

Cut the back of the shag 

Working on the back section, it is split down the middle, and over-directed to the line previously drawn behind the ear. This is done in whole quadrants, and allowing hair below the occipital bone to drop out. This will retain length on the ends. This is cut directly opposite to the part in a vertical manner. Hold the fingers vertically and decide on your length. We're cutting with the TriRazor above the fingers, so envisage the top layers length for the shag haircut and use the 100% cutting edge of the razor to scoop away hair. Repeat on the opposite side. 

 shag hair cut technique razor

Cut the front of the Shag 

We're using pretty much the same sort of techniques to cut the front. We leave around 1'' section dropped out to retain lengths as this is an area at risk of losing strength in the cut. It is a lower density than the back and we need to be aware of our ''weaker'' areas. The hair is combed out with super tension and control right over the middle part. Then matt slides out hair with his TriRazor. It creates layers and a face frame, and retains the length. This razor cut technique is repeated on the opposite side. 

 shag hair cut layers

Blow dry the shag hair cut 

The length needs to be cut in yet but Matt wants to work visually with how the hair will look. So, he goes on with blow-drying the shag haircut with an Ergo Round Brush. He dries the hair around the face first with a nozzle attached to the blow dryer, rolling the hair and rolling back on base for a few seconds to help set in the root lift. He the twists the hair off the brush leaving in the soft curl 'form’ from the round brush. Working up methodically and then in the back. 

 shag hair cut blow dry

Cut the length of the shag hair cut 

We have wispy tendrils left out as length and Matt wants to see a little more strength in the length. However, he wants to work with the texture and shaggy nature of the haircut. Matt pinches sections and uses the ''mouth'' of the scissor to etch away hair. This keeps the hair looking shaggy and textured, whilst creating strength in the look. 

 length cut shag hair cut

Style the shag hair cut 

Styling a shag haircut is super fun. Once Matt has completed cutting the shag, we're onto styling. Matt decides to use a conical thick wand. He creates messy texture by winding random pieces loosely. He leaves out the ends of the hair for a beachy wave vibe, and finishes the look with Paul Mitchell spray wax for definition and frizz control. Here's the final look, hope you like it! 

style shag hair cutshag hair cut finished look

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