Check out this little how to blend grays like Sarah Jessica Parker. Free salon education is dedicated to giving you the confidence you need to keep up-to-date. Gray blending is a huge trend and we love it. 

Sarah Jessica Parkers recent color is popular right now, and it's understandable why. The star has the most beautiful natural grey blending look with her color, and Brian Haire predicts it will be a request that will cross you in the salon chair. So, naturally free salon education decided to do a tutorial on how to blend grays like Sarah Jessica Parker, and run over a little technique. Check out the video below - 

Sarah Jessica Parkers Hair Color 

We love this look because Sarah Jessica Parker has recently talked about embracing getting older and even hit on her hair color in a recent show. Her base is her natural tone and her balayage/highlights are enhancing what she already has. Without total coverage and root commitment, Sarah Jessica Parker has nailed blending her grays with balayage. Her lightened areas are designed specifically to work with her grays and it looks very natural. 

sarah jessica parker hair color

Long Lasting Gray blending  

Sarahs Gray blend is focused on her grey spots. The work is mainly on the hair line – Where her natural grays are. He natural base around the back looks darker. This is nice because it creates contrast. Getting that popping money piece effect at the front. 

sarah jessica parker grey blending

Gray blending balayage techniques 

Brian works with a saturation that is heavy. Heavier saturation in a balayage creates a stronger lift, so this is where you see the hair paint looking thick like toothpaste or cake frosting. This can work well to brighten up dark areas you want to lighten. Brian also works with a technique he calls dry brushing. This is a light, feathery application of balayage, just to break into the base you paint on and add a gentle lift. He is using minimal product and "skimming" the hair.

money piece hair sarah jessica parker

Gray blending lightener 

To create Sarah Jessica Parkers gray blend were using a clay-based bleach lightener and 40vol. The Lightner is called skylight by Paul Mitchell. We love this product because the clay base doesn't dry out, flake or transfer. Perfect for a free hand balayage, mixed with 40vol gives us the ultimate lift for this product.

bleach hair lightener color sarah jessica parker

How To Blend Gray 

Brian has a few tips for his grey blend. Take a look at the hair, focus on the areas where the gray grows through. This look works with the edges, a common problem area for people going gray. This ensures the root will blend with the lightener applied. Predicting where grey will grow through on your balayage will make all the difference with the gray blend. 

balayage sarah jessica parker gray

Hair color technique 

So, let's get onto the balayage painting. Brians technique has a mix to blur this look naturally. He sections around the hair line, starting near the ear. Pinching the ends with a good even tension, Brian paints two heavy saturation streaks either side of the section, blending into a low 'V'. These are painted on the side that falls onto the face. 

Dry brushing gray hair blending 

Once you have balayage and highlighted the border of this section, the middle section we are focusing on a gentle lift. Step in dry brushing. Using minimal product paint the point of the 'v' working upwards. Skimming a light almost dry feeling of product onto the hair. This dry area just gently breaks the base and give a slight lift. Brian repeats this technique working up the head. 

gray hair blending

balayage gray hair money piece

Dark colors and balayage's 

Balayaging over dark hair was a question Brian was asked about during a live session. Brian explained that free hand balayage is less predictable than highlighting hair. The side of the mannequin that is lightener was created with foil and balayage, the processing time was 1hr, with 40vol, as you can see it is caramel. Going from a black colored hair type, realistically you are likely to see red/orange. Be honest with guests, under promise, so you over deliver. Avoid disappointment and be realistic with guest's expectations. 

Free salon education 

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January 12, 2022 — Evelyn Davies

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