Today were blogging about this Long to short Hair Cut Makeover off Matt Becks YouTube channel Free Salon Education. 

This look is a short visual video showing you a super-salon-friendly, wearable, on trend Short Hair Cut. This look is one we get asked for on the regular. It keeps things neat around the sides while leaving a little fun in the top to play with. So, check it out.

Chop the Length off the Hair 

To begin we have a lot of length so we need to make this more manageable to cut. 

We band away the hair at the back of the head using two hair elastics. We have left slack in the pony, to preserve length and around 1" between the two bands these add control when taking away length. Then we go in with our clippers to breeze through that compacted hair and take it away quickly above the band nearest the head. 

Section the Hair 

We have a simple "U" shaped section, dividing the top and bottom. 

The hair on the under section is going to be cut with a different technique to the hair up top. So, we need clear lines between the two. The sectioning is taken along the parietal ridge and in a point on the crown area. 

Clipper the hair 

Matt uses a clipper and a guard no.4 to take away the length on the under section first. 

He works methodically from back to front removing the length. He retains length at the back above the occipital bone by working outwards in rocking motion when he reaches the back. He then uses a clipper guard no.2 to take the length shorter and fades the look out using a clipper-over-comb technique. 

Split the top section 

Matt divides the top and sections across the back, over the high point of the head. 

He over directs these sections back horizontally and point cuts the length away. he works methodically forwards sectioning and over directing back to the same point until he runs out of hair. Section along the parietal ridge horizontally and cut hair creating a short at the back to long at the front line. Over direct sections until you reach the middle of the head and cut. Repeat this on the opposite side. 

Blow-dry and refine Hair Cut 

Blow-dry the hair back off the face with a flat wrap technique. 

Once the hair is dry take diagonal forward sections along the sides and cut into them to soften the look. Matt point cuts into the ends around the back to diffuse the ends and create texture. Once happy with the personalizing Matt uses MITCH reformer for a soft pliable hold. 

September 29, 2021 — Evelyn Davies

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