This Curtain Bang Blow Dry is a tutorial demonstrated on free salon educations YouTube channel. 

Below we have a short video showing to very on trend curtain bang looks. We are blow drying short curtain bangs and long curtain bangs so you guys are ready for this trend that we predict will be coming through more in fall and winter. 

Choose a round brush to Blow Dry Curtain Bangs. 

You need to select the right size round brush to blow dry the curtain bangs this gives it more or less loop. 

For the longer look, Brian is using a large round brush to blow dry. The curtain bangs are heavier being longer and need a good blow dry. The smaller the brush the more loop is created and if it is too tight it can create a curl rather than a sweeping curtain effect. 

Spray a Blow Dry product onto the round brush. 

This ensures that the round brush coats the area of the curtain bangs that is being styled. 

Heat the round brush before going in to blow dry the curtain bangs. This prepares the barrel and the product to add volume into the hair. Heat and tension creates shape and form in the style so this little tip will give you an extra hand in creating lift. 

Choose to Blow dry curtain Bangs under or over.

This is dependent on length and style too, Curtain bangs can be blow-dried in different ways. 

The technique we choose for the long curtain bang effect is up and back, here Brian explains why... The technique trains the hair to scoop up and off the face and creates a nice volume off the scalp. Let the hair cool around the brush a little before releasing it in a twisty motion and using the fingers to sculpt the hair back off the face. 

Think about Blow Drying short Curtain Bangs. 

Brian demonstrates blow drying shorter curtain bangs too this is a little different to the longer curtain bangs. 

He uses a smaller brush and likes to work the hair under typically. Because its shorter it needs more bend and is easier to control with a smaller brush. Brian also likes to incorporate the sides into the styling to blend the curtain bang blow dry into the rest of the hair. 

Check out the two different Curtain Bang Blow Dry looks.

Hers two results from the curtain bang blow dry. You can see the difference in style for both the looks. 

We hope you enjoyed the curtain bang tutorial and we have many more blow dry, cutting and color educational videos. Get interactive with our free salon education YouTube channel and our FSEnow app. It will keep you in the know and updated on how-tos and education.

September 22, 2021 — evelyn davies

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