The curtain trend is back! Check out this blog for a how to cut curtains. Popular for guys and super wearable. 

The focus is on a curtain fringe mens haircut, bringing back the 90s looks. We see it emerging a lot with celebrity looks. This blog post is a write up taken from our YouTube channel Free Salon Education. Take a look and subscribe to keep up-to-date on what's going on. In this video Matts son is raising funds for charity and there was opportunity to win prizes whilst donating to childhood cancer research. Check out the video below taken from our lives.... 

This hair cut is created in 3 sectioning steps 

Segmenting the look helps us a have clear vision on our outcome. Helping you understand the education and keeping us focused. 

We have a section above the Parietal ridge, a section below to the temple and a large section below the temple. We create this by parting the hair in the center on top, take a section from mid-crown to above the parietal ridge on both sides. Then a smaller section is taken below around the temple, separating a large bottom section from the mid-section on the sides.

Clipper over comb the back and sides 

Grab your clippers and clipper comb to start cutting the hair, we want to remove weight and length. 

Matt likes to clipper the hair wet, if there was a lot of growth patterns in the hair he would dry the hair first, to tackle the way the hair wants to sit. Keep the combs 'spine' neat and close to the head working in an upwards and outwards motion. Follow the guide creating a graduated effect towards the top. 

Work towards the back of the hair 

There is no guard on the clipper and it is closed, keep working on a diagonal back. 

Working behind the ear, follow the guide in the same manner. Be mindful of the crown area, we are using the scissors to cut this later, so work in an up and outwards motion with your clipper over comb. Repeat these steps on the opposite side of the head. Once you come around to the center back, be mindful of creating balance in the hair and connect the sides together. 

Blow dry the clippered hair 

Matt is now working dry to get a little detail work in around the edges of the hair cut. 

Matt goes over the just cut hair with a mini paddle brush and a blow-dryer. Then... time for some fine tuning. Matt uses a number 3 guard on his clipper to lift out the hair at the edges and neaten up the look. Working in a rocking motion, taking away fluffy un-neat areas. 

Then, cut the crown area 

Let's connect up this cut in the back and start seeing some shape. We're working diagonal back on the crown. 

Matt connects the short to long point over the crown with his scissors. Elevation really depends on the length you desire. Also, your guide can be traveling or stationary. Stationary retains more weight. Matt has decided to work stationary. Once you have completed one side of the crown, work on the opposite side with the same principles joining the halves together and building weight in the middle. 

After, cut the hair sections above the temples. 

Release the sections, these are the mid-section that transitions the hair from short to long.  

We are working from the front to the back. This creates a safety net for retaining length around the front. Matt works on a diagonal back, without extreme graduation. The next section is pulled to the previous. Allow disconnection and trust the process, we can always scissor-over-comb this section. Once completed and joined with the back, repeat on the opposite side, and be sure to check the guide line against our last section! 

Now cut the top of the curtain cut 

Once the sides are cut, release the top. Matt explains how over-direction will build length towards the front. 

The first section above the crown is cut, following the round of the head. The guide is traveling for around the first five sections, this is down to your artistic vision, you may want to start over-directing sooner if you would like to see something with an extreme short-long. After cutting these sections Matt over-directs the front back, and shows us where the hair jumps from the over-direction. 

Then dry and detail the hair cut! 

Matt likes to use a gel-based product for a little extra grip in his blow-dry. 

Matt blows the hair back with lift. This gives it a shine and hold. Work with the hair and its natural state. This way you can see what the client has to style at home. This way you can personalize the cut to the guests needs. 

Neaten up the hair cut with texturizer scissors 

Matt is working on removing puffiness on the sides and in the crown area with the scissors. 

He then details again with clipper-over-comb to join his previous clippered section to his middle section on the sides. Then he neatens the edges with detailing clippers. Finally, matt blow-dries the hair by parting it in the center and giving a quick smooth over. He finishes the look with clean cut in the sides and works it through the top. Check out the image below for the final look. 

September 15, 2021 — evelyn davies

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