70s hair cuts are back 

The tutorial we have for you today is a step-by-step hair cutting guide from our you tube channel Free Salon Education. 

This look has lots of layers off the face, and Matt is dry cutting to see it come to life quick. Dry cutting hair gives the ability to personalize and soften the look whilst creating a basic shape. The color on the mannequin head is shown on another tutorial that Brian created. Take a look at the attached video below and check out the channel for the color education too. 

Start the hair cut around the face 

We start with a triangle section at the front. This is to create layers that open the face and peel back. 

The fringe area can be cut with scissors or a razor. We're choosing to use scissors. We need to reserve some length for a jump in the hair. The left side is cut pulled over to the right, and vice versa on the opposite side. We are working the hair with a wide-toothed-comb. This is for less tension and a softer effect. Use the tip of your scissors and work the line in. Once happy, take a guide from previous, mimic the same look on the opposite side. 

Then, we cut the sides of the hair in. 

We're working with a diagonal back line, following the sectioning pattern we created in the fringe. 

This creates the hair to fall short to long towards the back. Take the section and over-direct it towards the opposite side. Matt uses his scissors and slides away hair from short-long. If you were creating this look on fine hair you would need to be aware of how much hair you were scooping out to avoid taking away too much weight. Repeat on opposite side. 

Then, style it up! 

Matt is using a straightening iron and a styling wand to create the desired look. 

He flips the fringe back away from the face with the iron and uses his wand on the rest. Once he's happy with the overall look, he details the hair by sliding into the hair with his scissor's half closed to create texture in the look. Here's the final look – enjoy! 

September 08, 2021 — evelyn davies

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