Working bangs into a soft wedding hair look can be difficult to create, here we show you how to get your brides bangs looking wedding ready. 

We have seen more and more brides prepared to have a fringe trim and a little cutting on the wedding day. Keeping them in check and looking like themselves is important. On the big day a bride needs to be comfortable in her look and not straying too far from who they are. So, prepping the bride with a softer bang instead of growing it out could be perfect for your brides with bangs. 

Grab your tools 

We're working with the Tri-razor for soft drama, face framing and stepping away from child-like bangs with a more wedding friendly fringe. 

Balance the comb on the high-point of the head to find the starting point. We are creating a classic triangular section for fringe cutting. Danielle takes her triangular fringe shape so she has extra hair in the sides to cut. This gives a little hair to play with that’s longer than her original fringe. 

Spray the hair wet 

Danielle cuts the wedding fringe wet because it is more comfortable with a razor. 

She then combs the fringe section down to see where she would like to create shape. On the sides she pinches the hair and glides the razor over to create a soft rounded effect. The razor slips away hair and with the pinch technique keeps lines blurred. 

Blow dry the wedding bangs 

Grab your paddle brush and blow-dryer to get into styling out the look. 

Danielle uses her ergo diamond brush and works a flat wrap technique. This technique requires you to move the hair back and forth for a flattened root smoothing out the bangs. It follows the head shape giving a nice rounded style to the look. 

Curl the hair 

Spray the hair with Paul Mitchells worked up and grab your heated tool of choice. 

Dannielle is using her 1” curling tongue and she takes vertical channel sections and curls. The hair is curled off the face and this is repeated on both sides. All the hair is curled towards the middle back where it meets. The way Danielle wraps the hair is in the middle shaft towards the ends. The mid area is thicker and needs more heat to penetrate the hair. Tap the tongs open to work the hair through. 

Create a pony 

Danielle shows how to create a tie up that works well for hair ups using two bobby pins and an elastic. 

Once the hair is tied up, position the hair in place with open pins to create a loose textured updo. The open pins give the ability to re-work the position without commitment. Once you are happy with the position, commit with bobby pins. 

Tweak the look 

Pinch pull and expand areas you want to soften. Use extra-body finishing spray once you're happy with the shape of the look. 

The work on the fringe. Finish by customizing this area. Softly bending areas and gliding through with the iron to stretch out curls and give a relaxed look. Finish with a little spray and pin away areas to create balance in the look. 

September 01, 2021 — evelyn davies

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