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This haircut is a cool new trending cut for the guys. It has a sharp bang for edge and tons of texture. 

Tools used. 

Get prepared! The tools listed below are used in the tutorial and all you need to recreate this look! 

  • Razor – Tri razor 
  • Clips – fse Velcro clips 
  • Clipper – Andis master cordless clipper 
  • Combs – YS park 
  • Scissors – Mizutani Black-smith 
  • Texturizing scissors -  Mizutani
  • Detail clippers – Andis T-outliner 

Start with the sectioning 

Our sectioning is took in a very simplistic ‘U’ shape, separating the top of the haircut from the bottom. This is a common sectioning pattern for a short cut.


For the start of the cut, we use our 1.5 guard with the Andis master clipper and take off the length in a rocking motion at the occipital. This helps with the blending process later on. We then clipper-over-comb to merge the length and refine with the scissors using the scissor over comb technique. 

The tools we use for scissor over comb are available on FSE shop. 

The scissor over comb technique is done on a 45-degree angle from the head and we use the Mizutani 6.5” Blacksmith scissors. We then go in and use our texturiser scissor to soften the lines. After we check over the edges with the Andis T-outliner to sharpen up. 

The top of the haircut. 

Moving on to the top of the cut, we saturate the hair with water for control and even elasticity. It's important to keep the hair wet when cutting in our basic shape.

We take a look at the growth pattern at the crown and decide to work with any cow licks. Think about where it wants to fall, move and grow. Don’t force it to do something it doesn’t want to. If there's two cow licks, work around them to fit the cut.

The guide lines. 

The guide line for the top of the hair cut is taken parallel to the floor. 

We start at the back of the head. Pay particular attention to this cutting pattern. It’s a traveling guide. So, section 2 is pulled into section 1 and section 3 is pulled into section 2. Working gradually towards the front of the haircut. 

Front of the haircut. 

The front section of the haircut is pulled directly up from the head. 

We do not want any over direction on this section. We're not trying to retain length here, the shape of the French crop it shorter towards the front. Then we blow-dry to see the texture and feel how it looks, ready for the personalising.

Customising the cut. 

Customising our cuts makes a good hair cut a great haircut! 

We're looking to cut in a soft blunt at the front so we go in with our Mizutani texturiser. It removes 20-30% and we cut a line in our front bang area. We refine this line with the very tips of our regular scissors to take away any strays.

Internal texture.

Then we work on our texture internally on the top of the haircut. 

Stand behind the head. Section horizontally across the top of the head. Grab your Tri Razor and using your 25% texturiser, add a pop of definition and edge. Following the sectioning pattern work forwards through the hair sliding out a really cool texture.

Hair product.

We like to use product to enhance the cut. 

We use Paul Mitchell MITCH reformer. It's a versatile putty with a natural matte finish - specifically designed for men's styling.


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